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Kris Weix

2012 ac fuel pump

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Went to start my 2012 arctic cat 550 today and it will not turn on the fuel pump or crank starter it has a good battery in it can anyone help 

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Have you checked the main fuse by starter relay and try to wiggle the ignition switch a little.  Some times they act up.  

 Any dash lights, headlights ?

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Ok well as long as you have dash lights. It’s something holding the start circuit out. Is the bike in neutral and start checking all the safeties as well as the starter circuit.  Put a voltage tester on the battery and hit the start button.  If the voltage drops the starter may be jammed or bad.  You can also put a tester on the starter wire and see if the starter get voltage when you press the start button.  Do you hear any clicks coming from the starter relay under the seat ? Or any place else on the bike when you press the starter? 

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Check the kill switch, left handlebar, red switch,  that would prevent the fuel pump from pressurizing.

Check ignition fuse (IGN on the fuse block) it could have popped and you would still have dash and headlights, but the pump won't pressurize.

On these machines, the start circuit would only prevent the starter from engaging, the fuel pump will still pressurize. Arctic cat machines allow you to start the machine in gear only if the brake is engaged. There is a relay called "start in gear" but I don't think this is his problem.  It is either the kill switch or something in the IGN circuit.

Since this is an EFI machine, battery condition is very important, battery may appear to be OK, but only a load test could verify that.




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