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I've got a good tree guy...

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as many might know, the years previous, California had drought conditions that allowed "bark beetles" to basically kill many evergreen trees.

here's an example of what they did:



we had a few on our property... no HF tools here, this is Stihl guaranteed:


lmk if anyone wants his #, I'm sure he'd trade for body work lol


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lol and why didnt you move your truck first??  lol of course it would crack and fall that way 😣

got any close up pics of what the truck looks like up close?

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not my truck :) .. this tree guy drove up, jumped out and quoted some low cut per tree. said he was going to stack 'em but he left in a hurry and I'm sure lost money on the deal.

he was trying to cut 6 down in like 10 minutes I guess. honestly I was recording in case anything happened to my house - that sugar pine coulda fell my way after that oak! He should have not only moved his truck, but used a line to control the fall angle.

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That sucks, the trees dying (cause evergreens take so long to grow) and the tree guy's truck of course! Looks like a good insurance commercial.

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