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2004 Yamaha Grizzly 660 Frozen Shifter


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This is more of an informational fix I wanted to share..

My Grizzly has been getting harder and harder to shift this winter and today was completely stuck and I needed to plow the few inches that came down this morning. First thought...oh no, tranny...but it’s winter and maybe it’s iced up. I pulled off the plastic to see what was going on and indeed I did find the drain tube iced up. 

I took the blow dryer out and de-iced it. Quick fix, I never really thought about the shifter drain tube icing up before, shifts like new!

Yamaha Grizzly Frozen Shifter

Grizzly Frozen Shifter

Yamaha Grizzly Stuck Shifter


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7 hours ago, Frank Angerano said:

That’s a great find and fix. Thank goodness not a tranny! What’s the moisture from, condensation? And where does that line go to ? 

You know I'm not sure really, I'm assuming snow got in there and I left it out in the rain a few times before the winter. That line is just a drain and has a plug at the end of it. I think its just there to hold any water/condensation or if you submerge it to drain the shifter box I guess. But that tube had ice in it because the quad sits in my garage outside with no heat. Yeah I'm glad it wasn't a major issue, I need this thing to keep going until I can get a new quad down the road. 💵

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2 hours ago, JacobSlabach said:

just wondering @Ajmboy,  do you do much with polaris, and if so, how do you like/dislike each brand of bike? (the utility model ex:  Sportman or magnum vs grizzly or kodiak)  

Honestly, I don't do anything with polaris and I used to be a bit turned off by polaris atvs in general because two of my buddies had an Xplorer and Sportsman 600 I think and although nice quads, they just couldn't take the beating our grizzlys, hondas, kodiak, and king quads could. Both of them had issues with front suspension and axles I recall and one had a speedo issue. But its not really fair because that was like 10 years ago and today they seem much better. I haven't ridden one in a while so I can't really give you an opinion.  I'm biased because I've only owned Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha ATVs like Bayou, Warrior, Kodiak, King Quad, and Grizzly

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