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How Smart is your Home or Garage?

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Just curious if anyone is making their home "smart" in terms of plugs, outlets, switches, cameras, alexa, google, etc.  I've got a few things going and just installed some smart switches. I'm pretty happy with the overall setup and got everything on amazon. Here' what I have:

Indoor and Outdoor Zmodo camera pack $75. Bought 2 of these and run them through the meshare or zmodo app. I want to get teh NVR setup and find that these cameras work pretty well.

Zmodo Greet Pro Video Doorbell $165

TP-Link 3 Dimmer Switch pack $99.99 when on sale controlled through Kasa App

TP-Link 3 smart switch pack $79.99 when on sale controlled through Kasa App

TP-Link smart bulb x2 for $20 each

TP-Link smart plug $17

Nest e learning thermostats 2 of them $169 each but got them on black friday for $120, have to use nest app

Amazon echo dot 2nd generation, 2 of these.

I also have a couple of fire tv sticks 4k

I also have an apple tv and a chromecast I don't use. 


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Do do you find the lighting controls (remote activation or programmable on) to be a "neat" feature, or is it improving the way your home functions?  I've given a fair amount of through updating lighting controls, but haven't pulled the trigger.  Current setup  

Amazon Echo - One 

echo dots - 2 (kids rooms)

Old School Programmable Light Switch Timers - these I love.  Similar concept, but they are less intuitive, and cannot be sync'd with if using multiple timer (obviously not on a central lighting control panel).  They have to be reprogrammed occasionally to sync the time.


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Well it definitely supports laziness! I love the fact that I can control my lights from my phone and set some lights on timers, like the front porch for example. I can also dim a light while watching tv without getting up. I mostly use it from the app on the phone (Kasa app). I can also use alexa voice or Alexa app, which picks up all the switches. Here's the Kasa app..





I also like the two Nest e thermostats I just put it, very neat and easy to program. Here's the app which is nice to control when we are away. 


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Both my bedrooms have wifi light bulbs from lifx and my kids playroom has a wifi light switch from tp link. I can control them from anywhere. I am working on the rest of the house 

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