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How to fix my trike

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So I got a old three wheeler, a 1986 Honda 350 atc, and it was sitting for a about 30 years. The first tging I did was clean the gas tank and now it looks brand new on the inside. Then I got new spark plugs and cleaned out the carb so it looks brand new. And now it won’t start. So does anyone have a answer as to what I should clean next. It has ran when I bump started it and then it just died, I have tried to mess with the air fuel mixture but that doesn’t seem to help at all.



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Welcome to Quadcrazy @reddotshooter03 

I had that same bike. Is it the Big Red? 

I would pull the spark plug and test for spark. If spark is good then spray a drop of starting fluid into the air cleaner as your cranking it.  If it fires up then it’s a fuel problem. Maybe the carburetor  is not cleaned right (it happens) or the fuel line or valve (petcock) to the carburetor is not clear.  

Start there. 


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Ok so while your cranking hit it with starting fluid and see if it fires up.   Spray it into the carburetor just a little.    If so then your float is stuck closed or the fuel port on the carb has a blockage.  I know you cleaned the carburetor but it happens.   The starting fluid will tell you that it’s obviously not getting fuel if it fires up.  

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Alr that what my buddy said and I know that it really can’t be anything else but I do know that it’s getting fuel because when I loosen the screw(the flat head without the needle on the bottom of the carb) gas will poor out of the float

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I can look up the spec on the valves.  I will double check and get back to you. 

So you have spark you said and you spray starting fluid into the carburetor and  still not firing up ? That does not add up.  Have you checked compression? 

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Valve lash should be a whisker less than zero so that its zero when oiled up. It just doesnt need to be too tight so that the valves stay open or so loose it chatters and ruins the rocker tip. It would have to be bad wrong to keep it from running. 

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