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looks like I'm going to hit the trail tomorrow

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looks like I'm going to hit the trail tomorrow 

Wifes quad not out of the shop yet,just went in to do a tune up and check it over.

so I'll be going with some friends up to leota for some trail riding in the morning.

have not been out on the trails since 1995!!


not sure which trail we are taking.

Excited....you bet!!



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That awesome, make sure you pack a few extra things like spark plug and maybe a small jumper pack and plenty of water.  

Be sure to take and post some pics and let others know how the trails are.

Enjoy and ride safe! 

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Was A Great time!!

7 riders

I hit 49 MPH

and put on 44 miles,I know it was more cause I did not turn it on right away,but we had FUN!

I brought my cell phone,no Extras!

the last picture is the Scramble area,that was Fun!

8-17-19 015.jpg

8-17-19 017.jpg

8-17-19 018.jpg

8-17-19 019.jpg

8-17-19 020.jpg

8-17-19 021.jpg

8-17-19 016.jpg

8-17-19 062.jpg

8-17-19 063.jpg


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Very nice. I love that last pic of that wide trail or maybe a sand dune? but that’s  great stuff.  

That fourtrax is in great condition, and looks like a good mix of bikes.  

Looks like you had a blast.  

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I'm not sure the "Term" for that Sand area,it has woopty doos,(^^^^^^)  and you can get some nice air,and a great shoulder workout at the same time.

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