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  1. Married in 74 wore it two years almost tore my finger off at work when it got caught on the top of a shelf upright when I was jumping down. Had it repaired and has been on a chain around my neck ever since lol.
  2. How to test a rectifier. Hope it helps https://www.partzilla.com/blog/how-to-test-regulator-rectifier-motorcyle-atv-utv
  3. I think they may be out of business. I've tried calling and emailed them. No replies. That's a real drag and I can't find anything else like them anywhere. Mr Google comes up blank and if he doesn't know, it's a bust lol. They'd be easy to make if I could find some tapered plastic drums or something similar. The inserts would just be dock grade foam which would be a snap to cut.
  4. Hey all. Anyone have any ideas of fabricating an air snorkel for a 2005 TRX500FM and all venting extensions required as well? Thanks in advance Don
  5. Yes they look pretty slick. Look amazing in the snow and way better than chains. Went to my local supplier here in Newmarket Ontario this morning and they said Kimpex up here discontinued them for some crazy reason. Just emailed J-wheelz and hopefully they can send them to me. I really want a set. cheers
  6. I'm thinking of getting a set of Jwheelz for my Honda Foreman and was wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with them. They look like a great idea for when I go Ice fishing just incase the unfortunate happens. As the saying goes, no ice is safe ice. Sure would beat losing the machine if it went through if they work as well as advertised. I did a search and didn't find anything on them. Cheers all.
  7. This reminds me of the 30hp outboard I bought last year. All seemed normal upfront til I got it home and on the stand. Seller swore up and down it was perfect other than a broken scag which is an easy fix. It was all a ruse. He appeared so sincere lol. Sorry to hear about your troubles.
  8. Great write up Frank. X2 on the ultrasonic cleaner. It's amazing how well they work.
  9. dee004


  10. Just make sure what ever charger maintainer you buy has smart technology. They charge at a rate depending on the state of existing battery charge and adjust themselves accordingly. Therefore they never overcharge the battery and maintain it in optimum condition.
  11. Did a clutch and idle adjustment today and she's back to normal. Also changed out the air filter and put in an air filter pre screen as well. Tomorrow I will change the oil and filter before heading out ice fishing Saturday. Cheers, Don
  12. Yes she's a little brisk lately lol. Will post some fishing pics soon. Cheers
  13. The service manual says GN4 without molybdenum additives.
  14. I took it to a bike shop to have it serviced about 2 months back. It just started doing this lately. Is it possible that it's as simple as they put the wrong type of oil in it? I read on another thread about shift problems with a TRX250 and someone asked if the wrong oil without additives was put in.

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