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  1. Great write up Frank. X2 on the ultrasonic cleaner. It's amazing how well they work.
  2. dee004


  3. Just make sure what ever charger maintainer you buy has smart technology. They charge at a rate depending on the state of existing battery charge and adjust themselves accordingly. Therefore they never overcharge the battery and maintain it in optimum condition.
  4. Did a clutch and idle adjustment today and she's back to normal. Also changed out the air filter and put in an air filter pre screen as well. Tomorrow I will change the oil and filter before heading out ice fishing Saturday. Cheers, Don
  5. Yes she's a little brisk lately lol. Will post some fishing pics soon. Cheers
  6. The service manual says GN4 without molybdenum additives.
  7. I took it to a bike shop to have it serviced about 2 months back. It just started doing this lately. Is it possible that it's as simple as they put the wrong type of oil in it? I read on another thread about shift problems with a TRX250 and someone asked if the wrong oil without additives was put in.
  8. When I park it I leave it in neutral with the brake lever in the locked position. It only starts in the neutral position.
  9. My machine sticks in reverse until it is completely warmed up and then it shifts perfectly once it is completely warm. I have to literally yank up on the shifter to get it out of reverse. It will shift up and down fine in the forward gears just not reverse. It's a 2005 Honda Foreman TRX500FM5. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I tried searching it but didn't come up with anything. Thanks in advance. Cheers Don.
  10. Hey all. I'm Don from Ontario and just signed up on the forum. Bought my first ATV a few years back to pull a kart in the pits but found I use it a lot more for now Ice fishing than I ever did at the track lol. Cheers all.
  11. Hey all. Don here. I'm new to the forum and I got into the ATV scene after years of Kart racing and decided I needed a pull vehicle in the pits.

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