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2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 Instrument Cluster Issues

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Hey Barry, welcome to Quadcrazy! 
The cluster on the dash should have nothing to do with the high/low beams. 
If the cluster is working properly aside from the illuminating portion then there may be a problem internally with the cluster. I would move some wires around going into the cluster and see if it comes on like a loose connection.  I am not 100% sure but my guess would be if the cluster has power and shows the diagnostic portion (mph/rpm) of the atv and  the illumination portion should work as well.   

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Hey Frank! Thanks for the reply!  Sorry I didn't state there is no illumination on the cluster at all, no diagnostic display at all.  Just assuming the key turned on allowing the lights to turn on means I'm getting power to the pod? ]


I moved this unit from one garage bay to the another garage this morning it was fine, went back in an hour or so to move it back and it did this.  I can't grasp what the issue is.....possibly a ground issue?   

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It could be a ground issue or a corroded fuse. I would go get some dielectric grease and start taking plugs and fuses apart, clean all areas and apply the grease and reconnect.    Some plugs may be tough to get to since they are located under the front plastic right where that cluster is located so you may have to pull that plastic off.   

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