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i was wondering how fast these little things are..

like..could a cr,rm,kx 80-85

beat a 300ex in a drag?

i was thinking of saving a little money and buying one..

just for fun..i find em in auto traders all the time for lie 900$.

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we just got rid of an 05 crf80....my honey said that it owldn't beat a 300ex...but our friend has a yz85 and that thing is NASTY! It might be pretty comparable to the 300....

but none the less, our 80 was super fun!!

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the crf is four stroke..

the cr is two stroke..

the two stroke is supposed to be pretty quick.

great power/weight ratio..

just trying to see what people think of them and what they can keep up with speed wise.

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the f stands for "Four" i think..as in fourstroke

so id its just RM, YZ, KX, CR then its two

if its CRF,RMZ,YZF,KXF its four.

and i hear the CR is faster than the YZ.

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If you had a CRF you had a four stroke which is why you couldn't beat a 300 fourstroke.

A CR80 and a 300ex I think would be about even.

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the ones ill be keeping an eye for are





all the large wheel versions of those.

and older 125s

but whatever it is.

it has to be a two smoke :biggrin:

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that's what my husby said...the yz 85 is NASTY fast, especially compared to our old crf80

get out there and get a job daveeeeyyy

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the yz 85 is a mean bike and it has very good top end power but it is a little lazy on bottom end. Trust me the yz will hall ass for a little guy!! ohyea it has (NO) problem out running the 300 ex.

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the more im looking into doing this the better it sounds..

check out this ad i found,,

2001 Yamaha YZ80 - new top end,new brake pads,new swing arm bushing, DC plastics, ready to ride. 900$

sounds sweeeeetttt

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wahooo sounds like you found a good one TB, now get out there and bust your hiney so you can actually get it and beat the 300ex'ssssss!

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