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Ha! funny girl. :laugh:

I'm like a girl when it comes to riding clothes. I will post some pics of ALL of them later. I have 7 or 8 sets of pants and jerseys. Matching of course! 2 helmets plus I just ordered another so that makes 3 helmets. 4 pairs of gloves. 2 pairs of boots, one regular and one low cut. A chest protector and a neck roll. I like to look sharp when I ride.

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Here is what I usually throw in the truck when I go to the track or trails.....one set of Thor AC gear and two sets of Thor Phase gear.....4-5 goggles....several different sets of Thor socks for different lengths depending on what riding style I will be doing.......


Just got this new gear a few weeks ago.....two Thor AC pants....two Thor AC jerseys and two Thor phase pants.....Dennis Kirk had a clearance sale that I couldn't pass up even though I already had these same ones.


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The number ONE Safety Equipment that any money can buy is the Leatt Neck Brace... when you break a bone you have pain, but when you break your neck, you have no pain ever again!

Here is my number ONE Saftey Equipment:








And this is what it looks like when worn:


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I've got a Leatt too. It's great. Doesn't work good with my new msr chest protector, but works awesome with my fox chest protector. I watched a kid break his neck at a race. That was on a Saturday, Monday I had my Leatt ordered. Luckily he wasn't paralyzed and he's racing again, but still super crazy.

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Here is my chest protector:



Our Flak Jak LT is designed specifically to fit comfortably around your Leatt-Bracetm (not included). HRP does not endorse nor is in any way associated with Leatt Corporation or the Leatt-Brace. We only use the Leatt Brace term to describe the fact that our chest protector is designed to fit around this product.

The Flak Jak IMS(chest protector)

Designed with our exclusive IMS(Impact Management System) padding system. The Impact Management System (IMS) utilizes air management to absorb the energy of impact. Air movement is restricted by the size of the gaps in the seam. The restriction of air creates resistance, which allows the air to absorb the energy of the impact when it is forced out of the pad.

This chest protector is designed to be more of a protector than your average roost protector. However, this chest protector is not designed to protect against all falls or crashes. Some reasonable, forseeable impacts may exceed the units capacity to protect the user against injury or death.

HRP Sports with the Flak Jak padding system adds a new level in quality, protection and performance, giving you more riding confidence.

*Leatt-Bracetm trademark is owned by Leatt Corporation.

Flak Jak LT Caps

Anatomically molded caps are designed to fit around the Brace without interfering with the brace or the rider's movement.

We utilize the same protective net suspension and nitrolyte padding system technology as our other race tested models.

E-Leat Latch Systemtm

Our Exclusive E-Leat Latch Systemtm allows the rider to properly position their Brace on their body before putting their chest protector on over the front and back lower member of the Brace. It also allows for easy removal and adjustment of the front and back panels.

IMS Padding System

Our Exclusive IMS(Impact Management System) padding utilizes the displacement of Air to transfer the energy of impact

Removable for easy cleaning.

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The HRP Flak Jak is of the clam shell design! This product does not need to go over the head to apply, it also opens from the side! Once you have the Leatt applied, the HRP opens up from the side and you slide it over your chest and snap it on and your are ready to give the track and or in my case trail, hell!

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