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Just foolin around.....

Mounted the cam to the Front fender this morning.....Looks like chit on my Screen.....Maybe I need a new Monitor or I just dont know how to adjust it....What does it look like on your screen???? Grainy????

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PFXhMN8u99c]YouTube - Archos Front Fender Trial[/ame]

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Quality looks great to me. Considering it is a camera mounted on a quad and it probably didn't cost $10,000; it's pretty good.

What kind of camera and mount did you use?

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If Velcro does the job, might as well use it! I've looked at different helmet cams in the past but never bought one. I had been looking at the

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. What you have seems to do the job.

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Nice wheelie MWKE! I think it looks ok. schef is right it didn't cost $10k and it is on the front of a moving trike.

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