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1994 Yamaha Timberwolf 250 will only start in neutral


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That is the way it is supposed to be . Starting in gear  is a safety issue and all  quads  are  not supposed to start in gear.   If yours was , there was a safety switch that wasn't functioning , possibly  because it was very slightly  out of alignment and  is now operating properly. Cars or motorcycles, and other motorized equipment  like  riding lawnmowers all  have the start in neutral  only feature, unless the safety lockout  has failed or someone has foolishly defeated it .

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    • By austin123
      I bought a 1996 timberwolf 4x4 from the beginning it didn't run right so I rebuilt the motor everything except the crank shaft and it has a new carb on it runs better but now you can't give it much throttle before it falls on its face and dies I can blip the throttle wide open and if I let off it'll return to idle after a little stutter but if I hold in the throttle wide open it'll fall flat on its face and die I just set the valves when I built it cold ran it for a few then set them again after being warmed up what could the issue be I've cleaned the gas tank cleaned the carb and checked all jets and I try to mess with the air fuel screw but even all the way in while running doesn't affect the idle which I find odd any help would be appreciated. I'm suspecting carb somehow but I'm new to this still and I'm pretty lost. 
      It will also when pushed wide open act as if your no longer on the throttle and will back fire from the carb and die you can ease in and get it up to high rpms but if you just gun it you're not going anywhere so basically loses power as soon as you do it dies completely and throws a white fog gassy mist out of the carb I've also tried with the air filter on and off and no change 
    • By 3wheelerwarrior
      Hello folks, I have a yamaha timberwolf 250 motor I'm putting into a tri moto 200 frame and need some help with the wiring for it. The wiring harness I got with the motor has been damaged and missing a small section so my issue is that I have 3 white wires coming from the stator assembly which connect into another 3 white wires on the voltage regulator. My question is does it matter which of those white wires go connected together or are each of the white wires different and need to be connected to the appropriate wire on the voltage regulator. Any advice or help is appreciated. Thanks.
    • By matw
      At a loss...
      Runs/starts great when jumped across solenoid. Solenoid has been replaced. Battery has been tested and is good. Doesnt start with start button but starter will engage when machine is running if button is pushed. Machine also is not charging.  Regulator has been replaced. Stator has been tested and passes all 3 phases voltage and open to ground all 3 phases.  Lights work great with machine running and battery disconnected. Starter solenoid relay has been replaced.
      Any help or suggestion much appreciated. I do not have a wiring diagram or manual which i probably should try and get.
    • By emoyer105
      I have a Yamaha Timberwolf 250 2x4 that I purchased a while ago as a project. I fixed it up to where everything was working great in my opinion, however when I showed it to a potential buyer he complained about a vibration from the rear drive shaft. (Which I ridiculous seeing as he tried to wheelie it before that) Anyways I took the rear diff apart and found most of the seals and bearings where bad. So I bought a kit off of amazon only to find that it doesn’t have all of the bearings and seals. After finding that I decided to try to find a used good condition replacement but they’re all to expensive for me so is there a better alternative for me, or can someone point me in the right direction to get the rest of the parts?

    • By dgk_mike
      It will go into neutral, 1st, 2nd, and reverse but nothing after 2nd gear. The shifter moves freely going up completely nothing but when you shift down it works. I’m not sure if it’s tranny issue worth messing with or if I should just buy a new one.  Overall besides that the thing runs like new.

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    • By ProblemChild
      Just got over the weekend and can't even get a sputter from it starter clutch missing the top idler so it's pull rope only. Seems to have plenty of compression and it has spark when checked with plug out 
      I've spray starting fluid directly in carburetor and while manually opening up the choke still nothing not even trying to start. Changed the plug as well. I'm going to order the starter clutch idler and anything else bad or missing but I want to at least hear it stumble or something but I tear apart. Carburetor was nasty and I'm getting cleaned up nice. I have fuel, spark, and compression. Even tried to spray in cylinder then stick the plug back in.
      With all that in mind what else can stop it from even trying
    • By Otter9099
      What battery type is best wet cell, agm or lithium? Who makes the most reliable battery for atv's? I need to replace a battery on my qtv. It had a wet cell lead acid. What doe you recomend for a replacement battery that is not a fortune and that is reliable?
      So...  got this basket case cheap.  Said they couldn't get it to start.  Came with new cdi and coil.  Everything electrical was in a box.  Having some trouble with how everything should be routed.  Does anyone have and pics they could share?   I plugged even in and poured some gas in the carb and she ran for a couple seconds so i don't think the electrical was the problem,  but waiting on a new throttle cable since old one was seized.   Thanks for any help i can get! 
    • By Dee Morris
      I bought my big bear in 2009, never had a bit of problem with it until last year. It quit starting but still would click when I tried to start it. I replaced the solenoid, the cdi module ( it was burned on one corner) and this year replaced the battery. I have all lights but still will not start and I do not have the clicking when I try to start it. Can anyone give me any ideas what to try next? I haven't had any luck finding videos about the 2008 Big Bear. I'm trying to avoid the expense of sending it to the shop. 
    • By blakegriggs81
      So my 2006 Honda 350 fm is having an issue where the neutral light doesn’t come on. I’ve shifted into neutral, checked all the fuses, the battery is good and still no neutral light comes on when I turn the key. I found the neutral safety switch connecter and hooked an alligator clip to the green and red striped wire and put the other end of the alligator clip to the negative side of the battery and nothing happens. I put an alligator clip to the gray wire and put the other end to the negative side of the battery. Nothing happens. I can put the alligator clip to the positive side of the battery and the reverse light on the dash will come on. I tried doing the green and red stripe wire to the positive side of the battery and the light doesn’t come on that way either. So neither the negative or positive side of the battery will turn the neutral light on. Only the reverse light works but only on the positive side of the battery. The ohm meter will only read continuity on the gray reverse wire. Not getting any kind of reading on the green/red wire.No continuity just a big open line reading for thegreen/red wire. Is the neutral safety switch brokeN? 
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