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Yep, as most of you know, Stoopidbot and I competed in Sun Honda's competition a few weekends ago. It was INTENSE! It was my first race ever, and did pretty darn good!!!!! Met several Quadcrazy members there too, Hotrod and a few others!! Anyway, here are some pics from the race! :yes: It was a blast and I can't wait to compete in MORE!!!!!!










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The sad thing is, the same log bit me twice.:cry:

Lap 1


Lap 2


The 2nd one put me out of the race. With my crash, my 1st lap was the fastest by 10 sec.

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I didn't know she put it up there. It will arrive today. I will install it this after noon. We will test it at the dunes this weekend.

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Congrats!!! drtygrl glad you had a good time. It looks like a lot of fun.

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Im so glad you guys had a good time.....I hear you met some of my family there.......I was in Mexico......this was the first one i missed....will you all be back in the fall? we have been to eveyone they have put on.......we also are getting into ice racing...you guys might want to check that out as well.....Talk to ya soon :wink:

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I wish my old Body wasnt in such bad Mechanical shape....There are a lot of things I would still like to do..

How did the Rhino handle that Beating??????

Im still on the Fence here.....Every time I hurt myself(sometimes just getting out of a Chair:aargh:) I get that Freakin Rhino on the Brain.....

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I know what you mean MWKE.....everytime I go out and race, no matter how much I work out or ride during the week to keep lose and in shape, I'm still hurting on Monday.

I guess that's the pain that comes with the pleasure of competition.

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My Back has been out for almost 3 months now.....Its getting to the point now that its hard to deal with.....I have done nothing but lay on the Floor since Wednesday.....I Blew L5 about 8 yrs ago.....They wanted to operate but I thought I was Bullet Proof Back then.....:wink::huh::laugh:

Now,,,,,I have a Hard time putting on my Socks...:confused:

I hope none of you guys have to deal with any of this:no:

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no kidden. i'm sorry. i feel horrible for you. i'm probably going to really regret this huge scar on my knee in a few years......i went for the butterfly bandaids instead of the stiches.....


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