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Polaris Scrambler 500 HO 4x4

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2002 Polaris Scramble 400 4x4 mint conditions, . Runs flawlessly in everyway. ITP Hole Shot tires mounted on ITP rims. . Fast quad that handles great and can make it through just about anything with 4x4 and great for the track too $2,500.00

2003 Polaris Scrambler 500 HO 4x4 in mint condition. Runs flawlessly in everyway, Brand new Douglas .190 rims with brand new ITP Mud Lite tires mounted and spare set of stock rims with stock tires. Rear rack with waterproof Mad Dog bag and a warn winch in the front. Fast quad that handles great and can make it through just about anything with 4x4 and great for the track too. $2,800.00


Pics below and many i can e-mail


first pic is of 500


This pic is of 400




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nice atvs... wish i got a job sooner.. Do you live close to Poughkeepsie because i notice you have and 845 area code??

Very close, i am up there all the time, i am near middletown if you know where that is, well wurtsboro are really which is just above middletown, but maybe an hour from downtown Poughkeepsie


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Yeah I wish I had the $2500 too. I think my wife would like the 400.

Its a great all around machine and you can add front and rear racks and a winch which i have on the 500, with the all wheel drive can just about go anywhere and is still great on a track too..


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