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Question for the masses that are (smarter than me)

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Quick question about bolt on valve cover (circled). Is this used for any type adjustment or connected to anything or is it a service vacuum port? Wanting to install a vacuum fuel pump and look like a good spot to connect vacuum. Thanks to all.


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The way it's angled in it could be a tacho drive option, blanked off, or it could be an oil feed/pressure check point..

It will pretty surely not be a place to get vacuum. You really want to draw vacuum straight off the manifold, that's the black bit on the back of the head, or a vacuum port off the carburetor.

If that make? has a part list online, you could look up the pictures and identify parts, and see if that bolt has anything under it.

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    • By BenderIsGreat
      Hey all,  I've been working on getting up enough posts to download the service manual, but in the mean time, maybe someone is interested if giving me a few deets in a reply?  If not, no worries.
      I'm look to confirm a couple things that I've picked up from Google searches.
      First, I've heard that the factory mixture setting on the carb for this bike is 2 full turns out.  Can people confirm?  I've also heard that it's a fuel mix valve, not air, so screw in to lean, out to richen?  Is that correct?
      And for the valve clearances, I've heard two different specs, one is intake 0.004" and exhaust 0.006", and that other I heard from a youtuber who claimed this bike had 'very tight' valve clearances, said 0.002" intake, and 0.004" exhaust.
      If anyone wants to comment on the above, I would be appreciative, if not though I'll keep posting until I can download that service manual
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      I have 2 like new ATV service manuals for sale. $10 for the set plus shipping.

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      Hello everyone!  Just joined up.  As an introduction, I've had a Kawaski Bayou KLF300 2x4 since my Dad bought it new in '86 (nearly as old as I am), done a lot to keep it running through the years, especially with starter motor and carburetor work. 
      I'm also working on a 1993 Suzuki QuadRunner 300 for a friend.  Seems original carb was MIA so he bought one online, put a 120 main jet in and then asked if I could help - still running bad.  So I'm here asking if anyone has the specs for idle screw turns, float height and valve adjustment specs.  Looking to download the service manual soon from here when I'm able to.  I've cleaned out the carb and reassembled it, it had some assembly errors, and so far got it to start and idle fairly well, bit unstable, and it drives good but tends to stumble when starting out with light throttle, and then when releasing the throttle sometimes it dies.  Think I'm getting close to having it dialed in.  Also have to look at the rear brakes, pedal goes through the floor and no braking at all.  Everything else appears pretty good, even the speedometer works.
      Thanks in advance to everyone, cheers!~
    • By fyredude
      Recently acquired a 99 Polaris Sportsman 335.  Spark plugs foul within 45 minutes of operation.  Suspect carburation as the problem.  Keep reading that it is most likely a plugged pilot jet and needs to be cleaned or adjusted.  I have a Mikuni with ID numbers of 33F02A and underneath those there is E812.  The problem:   there is no pilot adjustment screw.  Nothing but a brass plug with a tiny hole where I would have suspected the screw to be.  There is no other adjustment other than the idle adjustment screw.  How does a person adjust air/fuel mixture on this carb?  Thanks for you help.

    • eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

      eManualonline.com Save 20% OFF on orders over $50, Use Code: BLAZE

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      I own a few older quads mix of kinds a couple of  Yamahas, a Honda, can-am  a Kawasaki, they are older quads but in good shape the question of the day is....... what's the best way to polish up the plastic?
       I have found that Dollar General mold remover is good to get the black stuff off the plastic works good, but was wondering how you polish up the plastics on yours.
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