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2005 King quad 700-OEM -ECM on **Ebay** with Full-Power Reverse


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Well what you do is you go online to a parts place and you look up the ecu for a 2005 king quad 700, one just the same model as they say this thing fits, and then if you are lucky the site will tell you what other models that part fits.. Partzilla  should show you.

Then if you still aren't sure, look up the ecu for your model bike and see if that part fits this bike they are saying it's for.. 

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I'm in New Zealand and no I haven't dealt with partzilla. I'm just trying to help you with your question..

I was just suggesting them as a possible source of the information you want to know. If you want to know what else it fits.. that's how you do it.

I use this guy, he shows what else the part fits. I look up the part and then over by the price there is an arrow.. that shows what else the part fits.  https://www.mickhone.com.au/


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I bought a new ECM for my 05 700 KQ last summer.  it came from a suzuki dealer.  got it for about $150 less than what my local dealer wanted and local dealer wanted to install. I did pay them to diagnose the issue but not hard to plug a new one in.  anyway,  Ive had some success with buying electronics online. but ymmv. 

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