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2004 Polaris sportsman 700 twin Efi

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I'm pretty sure the pressure should be more like fifty pounds.. 

I'd let it run pumping fuel..

I've looked in the books before trying to figure how the ecu knows to switch the pump off and there doesn't seem to be any pressure sensor. So.. either the pump runs full time, (and it is possible the ecu would slow it at low fuel requirement times), or, it detects the load on the motor when the pressure gets high and switches off. If the new motor was a bit tight or drawing too much power it might be tricking the ecu..  A few minutes run might get it drawing less amps.

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Ok.. good stuff.

I wouldn't know about an aftermarket. Is the reg on the fuel rail or injector is it ? I think I've seen aftermarket ones being discussed so I guess they are available for that particular bike. There are two common variations of reg(on vehicles in general), some have a vacuum hose and some don't.. and of course they come in different pressures, but they don't vary by much. 

It might just have a speck of rust under the valve though. perhaps if you put some fairly high pressure air in there it will blow it out..

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Oh ok.. like I say, I'm not familiar at all with those bikes.. I'm in New Zealand and polaris is fairly new here and not very common.

I'd look up the original part number,(and price) and then go looking online for an aftermarket one that's sold as a replacement for that part number. Sometimes the original part is cheaper than the replacement.. especially if they are claiming the replacement is some sort of "performance" part.. or some such bullshit.

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Yeah, power and earth are the first things..  Process is key and stop switch on, does the gauge work, if not check there is 12v between pins 1 and eight, and between 2 and 8. If there is 12 volt there, replace gauge, if there isn't power to those plug terminals then check the wiring.
1. Red-- 12V Ignition Switch
2. Red/White-- 12V ETC and AWD Switch
3. Grey/Orange-- Mode/Override button
4. Black-- Ignition Kill
5. Green-- Diagnostic (Factory Use Only)
6. Blue-- Diagnostic (Factory Use Only)
7. Yellow/Red-- RPM Input
8. Brown-- Ground
9. Blue White-- Engine Overheat Switch
10. N/C
11. N/C
12. Purple/White-- Fuel Sender (if equipped)
13. Brown/Red-- Trans Switch Ground
14. White-- Gear Shift Signal
15. N/C
16. Brown/White-- AWD Coil

Yes on the plug on the back of the gauge. It doesn't matter if it's plugged in or not.

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Well wires mostly give trouble where they end in their metal terminals. Sometimes they get corrosion, and sometimes they break the wire inside the insulation. You could try flexing that 8 brown wire and see if it will make a better contact, and you should look in the back of the plug at the wire, and look for any sign of green verdigris where it goes into the terminal.

Other than that, locate the places the wiring goes to an earth and do the same checks at each of them.

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And I just looked in the wiring diagram and see that in the early 2004 model that 8 brown wire actually goes to the diagnostic plugs earth, where it branches, and the other wire goes to the high beam light where it branches again, and then from there it goes to an earth described as C.

If the high beam light works brightly then you can forget the earth C..  it will be in the speedo end, or where it crimps into the diagnostic plug terminal or the high beam light terminal.


And, if it's a late 2004 the 8 brown goes from the speedo straight to the high beam light and then to earth C. It doesn't go to the diagnostic plug first.. 

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