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2004 Bombardier Outlander 330 How To Remove Stator

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2004 Bombardier Outlander 330 does anyone know if you have to split cases to get to the stator? Have a costumer who wants a quote but from the parts diagram makes it look like stator is in the cases. is any one familiar with this machine?

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  • Ajmboy changed the title to 2004 Bombardier Outlander 330 Stator Removal
  • Ajmboy changed the title to 2004 Bombardier Outlander 330 How To Remove Stator
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so the ohms between each leg are less than 1. no shorts to ground. each leg is putting out 7vac at idle just above idle 15vac half throttle 25vac 50vac at high revs. sorry cant give exact rpms costumer removed speedo. but only getting 12vdc from reg rec at high rpm. seeing as the motor has to be removed to check stator do yall think its a reg rec?


also manual says 10 to 12vac on each leg at idle.

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It looks to me like the reg isn't doing it's job properly. With those voltages at the stator it looks like it should be charging. I wouldn't worry too much about the voltage being slightly low at idle.

I'd check the DC output of the reg for any AC, which indicates one failed diode. Then I'd check the earth connection from the reg all the way to the battery, so reg to body, body to battery, and I'd check the charging wire going from the reg to the battery.

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all 6 diodes seem to be working. less than 0.5vac when hooked to output "red charging wire."  guess I'm gonna let the costumer decide what to do.  really dont want to pull the motor just to look at sator that seems to be working ok

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That's what being professional is all about, sometimes we have to make some pragmatic decision, such as this one you have here, and in these situations we need to be able to explain and justify our reasoning, decisions, actions and workmanship...  Which you can..   

Depending on the price, fitting a new regulator is probably the pragmatic thing to do, before pulling the bike to bits possibly for no reason. When we can't be certain, it's better to take the cheapest option first.

You did check for a bad earth on the reg did you ? And the wire from the reg to the battery ?  Either of those could cause the low voltage.. the earth being the most likely..

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It's strange that the ohms are good on the stator and they are putting out voltage. I doubt the windings are the problem. A weak magnet from sitting unused perhaps, or metal filings bridging the magnets or bridging the gap between magnets and stator poles ?

I'd have expected both those ohm readings, from the black wire, and the reg's body, to be the same, and probably a little less than a half ohm..  Perhaps try a jumper earth from the black wire and/or reg's body to try it. The reg is regulating, but if it's not earthing properly it will think the voltage is higher than it is by some small amount.. 

If that doesn't make any difference then one last check would be to put a bulb onto the stator wires..  A bulb will work on AC and it will test there is some amperage coming out..

We're on 230 volts here in NZ and I've used a 100 watt household bulb before to test stators.. they glow fairly brightly.

If none of that works then it looks like pulling the motor and having a look is the next step..

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