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What kind?


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What kind of riding do you prefer? Do you like trails, dunes, track, or drag strip? What's your poison?

I prefer trails over anything. There is nothing like running through the woods and having to deal with all the elements. Trails truly test a riders ability. I know I can't air my quad out like alot of guys do but I can fly through logs, water crossings, I've passed big 4x4 quads on my 450 with 4" of ground clearance through some nasty rock fields. Rocks the size of volleyballs and bigger.(god bless skid plates) MX is cool but it is very repetitive, the dunes get old and dragging, well it's too short of a ride.

I'm not trying to start a battle here, just some opinions.:wink:

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Trails for me......and that's what it's all about.......for _me_.......

Never rode dunes....but would like to one day....

Never dragged.....never intend to......but like to go WOT

on straights every now and again! ;)

Rode an oval a few times.....some jumps on the side.....

I'm not into racing, so that was boring ;)

Quadcross looks fun....to ride, not to race.....

In the spirit of the thread...that's what works for me....


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(god bless skid plates)

word! my skids saved my as* numerous times. if it wasnt for my rear skid, i wouldve already went thru 2 or 3 swingers.

i love mx,theres not better feelin in then world passin a modded 450 with a stock 400 :yes: but its to damn expensive to get ur quad set up for it.

i ride trails every weekend, and when i ride its wide open.

the trails are XC styled, sorta narrow. and the trails is never the same. after every rain it morphs into something new. so it never gets old.

i love gettin in 4th gear pinned and hydroplaning a water crossing.

i always look for natural jumps to have some fun with but i hardly ever find any worth getting on camera.

i dont drag race. i think its worthless. it doesnt test the rider. it tests the machine IMO

quadcross looks rough as hell. but i wanna try it so badly

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If I wanted to be a funny prick, I would say you're right she is fun. But I don't.

J/K kidding BB, how you doing buddy?

Hey I can take ! If I can look in the mirror everyday and not die laughing, I must have just a tad bit of a sense of humor. Doing pretty good! Going back up to Mich on Labor Day weekend!
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