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Guest Goatman

2005 Arctic Cat 400 Axle replacement

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Guest Goatman

I have a 05 400 cat and did not notice that I had torn a boot untill it was to late. The outer joint is shot. How do the axles come out? Is it a c-clip that has to be removed first or is it a pin type that can be removed with a slide hammer. Love the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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welcome to the site... well here is a site

This link is available to logged in members only. Please login or register to view this link.
it will show u how to take it out. i think their is a clip holding it in...but not sure.. im not that knowledgeable about axles but if u have any other questions about ur cat i would be happy to help

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If you change one joint , change both on the same shaft. I have done this when helping friends change them out. On a car or truck It I change the entire shaft. Also I would change both because my luck would be to tear it apart 2 days later to change the other joint.

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Guest Goatman

I priced out the shaft online and it looks like for about $200 I can get the entire " Half-Shaft" is what the part is called. Can I assume that this part is both joints and the shaft? Thanks Buck. Is the truck in the picture yours? I also have a 1978 Chev full-size with a 400 horse small block 400 and a 9" lift, lots a fun. I'm not sure why but if I can't get it stuck, I don't think I am trying hard enough!

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