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Hey Quadcrazy,

Well I am new to the atv world, I have been using one of my buddies four wheeler for about 6 months, it is an old one that he never uses. I really enjoy going with my buddies and I am wanting to upgrade to something a little better and newer, I ride a 1970 something Yamaha two wheel drive 250, but I am wanting something for this winter that will rip through the snow and during the rest of the year trail ride.

I am not wanting to spend a lot of money, I am just wondering where I should start looking and for what.


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Welcome to the site, I take it that you would want a 4x4 over a sport. I would highly recommend a Brute Force of a Grizzly. There are plenty of guys on here with those machines that rave about them. I myself am a sport guy. WWW.Craigslist.com would be a good place to start looking for something used.

Alright thank you. Ya I am not sure if I want a sport or utility.

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It doesn't say what state you are in, but what does everyone else there ride? I ride my Raptor year around with some serious snow, but your buddies my prefer utilities instead. let us know!

Some people right sports and others utilities, we do a lot of the riding in trails

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I guess both lol, but I do a lot of mudding. So I am guessing I would want a utility atv but I really do not want to spend a lot of money.

What do you consider a lot of money. What is your budget. The machines like the Grizzly and the Brute Force are a work horse, they will power through just about anything and they still have a top speed near 70mph. The sport quads, like what I ride. don't do well in mud. We only have about 4" of ground clearance. The 4x4s have I think about 10".

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