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Why is it?


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Im a dunner not a Trail guy so stick with me......

I can see where you would need a bumper on a Utility Cart.....Pulling people up, Winch that sort of thing......

However,,,,,I dont see the need on a Sport Quad......How much protection does it really Offer???? Just seems like a Gimik to make the front look cool and get your money.....:laugh:

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The purpose of the bumpers on the sport quads is A. protecting your radiator, shocks and all the other valuables. And B. it offers something to grab onto and lift or pull in the case you get stuck. Like a grab bar for the front.


Look how much stuff is protected behind the bumper.

PS. I think Blingstar offers the sickest looking bumpers.

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believe me my friend I know what they are for. My question was WHY do most of them for sport quads look like a jockstrap ona clothesline? I am CERTAIN we can be more creative, as Speedwerks has done. I was HAPPY to purchase one that didn't look like a high school locker room launcher hahaha.

they are getting better, but also more expensive....sup with that? esp with suspension: you guys in the shock absorber biz are gonna get a visit and we will get to the bottom of this. seriously. you guys are overpriced.

Raptor8 is out and he's not alone!

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Back on topic, anyone have any stories on how their bumper works?

I was on some NASTY trail and I came to a spot that was a near vertical drop of about 20 feet. So I got off my quad to look for a safe way down. I finally found one and right as I turn around my quad starts rolling down the drop off. My bars were cocked to the side so my quad rolled down at an angle. My quad hit a tree square on the bumper and stopped. Not a single mark or bend in the bumper. That is what I call strong.

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i LOVE the PRM bumpers....that is what I have, Raptor....and it was a more expensive one...I believe I paid about $140.00 with shipping to get it here....

The first PRM I had was actually my husbands...he had it on his quad from 2004-2007...then when he got his 450, we put it on my 400.....the thing had protected his quad so many times from slammin trees or other quads in front...

Once we got it on mine I loved it just as much! It was about midway through this race season ...I slammed a tree the hardest I ever have in my life....so hard that I nearly went over the bars....pretty scary actually..and that hit right there split the bumper in half! So, the bumper lasted about 4.5 years which I think is pretty narly...

My new bumper is bigger than the first PRM I had...and I've already hit a few trees and quads myself...and my front end is still perfect :) :) I LOVE IT!!!

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