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Updated pics of my 450

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either way they will be valeved different... i know like fox and sway-away nitrogen shocks you can buy valve kits and valve them yourself...

yea i think that would be better than sending them in for 300+ buck 0.0

btw you can run shocks valved for +2 a arms on stock a arms, i ran this kinda setup with my elkas for a good while. but when you put shocks valved for stock width a arms on +2 a arms you will be running way to soft. the only answer to that solution is send to be revalved or adjust your preload drastically.

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When I talked to Elka they said they either have long travel which is what you put on extended a-arms and std travel which you put on stock width. I'm sure you could squeeze long travel on a stock setup.

standard travel shock lenght is AROUND 16.25 inches on the 400ex and varies bewteen different quads

now long travel shock lenght is AROUND 19.25 inches on the 400ex.

both shocks sizes have to be valved for either

stock width



or +3

with that said,

bot, i think you have extended a arms confused with LT a arms.

extended a arms can come in BOTH standard and long travel. but all LT means is the bottom shock mount is moved to a better handling point, lower on the A arm. standard travel means the shocks mount is placed the same place as stock, MEANING your shocks placement didnt move. all that changed is the lenght of your A arms.

my +2 a arms are standard travel. my elka's bottom shock mount didnt move at all. the only difference is the a arms were extended 2 inched on each side of the frame.

now each shock(ST and LT) is set up for the specific A arm geometry.

for example,

my elkas are valved for a 165ibs MX rider on +2 standard travel a arms.

if i ran +1 or stock width a arms that would be ok. but if my elkas were valved for stock width a arm and i had them on my +2 a arms they would WAY to plush, resulting in bottoming out.

now LT shocks on a stock a arms MIGHT work but would change the ride height drastically, and make it much more tippier. so it will basically throw the quad's geometry way off.

vice versa for stock lenght shocks on LT a arms

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