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I would freaking LOVE TO!!!!!!!!! However,, the very next Weekend I will be headed to the Oregon dunes for the Annual Clean up Event that we host:yes: Maybe your riding partners will want to attend this as well or put their Dunning experience to the Test and ride the Famous Winchester Bay Dunes....???? 500 times better than Pismo....:wink:


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We would love to come out and help but that is quiet a long haul for us on such short notice. I've been a few times and can't wait to get back out there. We have a trip for June 2010 in the making.

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2010????? That is Way to long to be Waiting for a Trip to the Oregon Dunes.....Pismo is a Freakin Sand Box.....When is your next trip to Pismo after this one???? I have nothing going on in June I believe...I would like to get the kids out there and ride when they get out of school......:yes:

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sadly I won't be able to ride till september or october. :( I already miss it. I was feening for my quad a week after I got here. lol

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ya, thnx for the reminder. :P though I'll be trading in the CR-V and selling the trailer when I get back... so I should have a truck and or an RV. :) just hope the tides don't come in like they did on that one saturday morning. lmao

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      I'll keep looking/asking until I find someone that's in same boat, or atv as I'm in lol Well maybe not the exact same atv, any atv would be ok lol
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      Good morning to all !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Let's see if we can make this a daily event.
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