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  1. Sorry to say but it seems like its not a matter of if you will find it its when. My other buddie works at our local bike shop and he says they are rebuilding atleast 1, 2005 Honda TRX every two months because of this issue I hope Honda is paying for it
  2. I have had NO problems with my 05 YFZ. The 05 Honda on the other hand are loaded with MAJOR problems with the crank and main bearings just Google this : 2005 honda TRX 450 metal shavings in oil filter , and see the thousands and thousands of results that come up. Like I said before my buddy still has his 05 TRX with 60 hours on it sitting in his garage with a oil filter full of metal shavings I mean this thing was packed here's a photo of it
  3. Yeah I believe it, my buddy has a 08 with no issues too. I guess Honda just had a brain fart on the 06 model.
  4. HAHA I feel the same about the Honda it just feels weird to ride. As for me smoking my buddy, we are both very experienced riders and are both WOT at all times. Yamahas have a stronger lower end all you have to do is gear up and you get your higher top speed. As for the 06 TRXes I know 3 people that have them 2 bought them at the same dealer on the same day and they are nothing but problems recall after recall starter problems all three are die hard Honda guys and not a one is happy with there bike. The 05's are worst the crankshafts eventually wears on a plate filling the oil filter with chunks of metal requiring a full rebuild or pop your motor which ever comes first. My buddies 05 TRX is still sitting after finding chunks of metal in his filter, he has maybe 60 hours on it. He wrote Honda a letter and is still waiting for a reply before he does any motor work. I have always loved Honda I still have my 89 TRX 250R which is a great bike, I could never get rid of it. But I'm very happy with my YFZ after seeing all the problems all my buddies have had with the TRX 450s
  5. They also make thumb throttle extensions which make them more of a palm throttle. I have the twist throttle on my TRX 250R and its fun but I also find myself giving it way to much gas on accident every time i turn right or lean back. It makes for some crazy cool looking tricks but I guarantee you none of them are on purpose LOL Check this out
  6. I'm still a little steamed about my big OOPS; So after a good afternoon of riding I got a little to buzzed and let my wife's friend ride my bike. She was saying how much experience she had riding quads and reassured me for a good half hour that she could handle the power of my 450. Well finally after a couple more beers I broke down and told her she could take it for a short ride just around the dunes near camp. So as soon as she get on the bike she disappears off into the dunes I'm already stressing. So about 45 minutes of stress go by and here comes my bike being towed behind a UTV. Apparently she went off a razor back in 4th gear, she panicked and locked up all breaks without pulling in the clutch as she landed. This cause my bike a lot of damage and me a lot of heartache. The axle shifted in the housing and mushroomed one side of the adjustment pads that tension the chain, the chain blew off and busted the chain guard along with the aluminum tabs it mount it to the side case, both sprockets where bent, and needless to say my weekend of riding was ruined. Another lesson learned the hard way. Now NO ONE rides any of my bikes experienced or not !
  7. When my 2005 YFZ was stock I was smoking my buddies stock 2005 TRX now that we have both done major mods I'm still smoking him. It was worth the couple extra $$
  8. HAHAHA click click click ok ok i'm no idiot I'm surprised no one has asked why the video doesn't work LOL LOL
  9. WOW I really like the Edge!!! I know what my next set will be
  10. I know it I have a 89 250R Fourtrax that I wish was a ATC
  11. I really like Sand Tires Unlimited Sand Skate II's The type of paddle you run all depends on your riding style. If you want to run fast straight lines and drag racing get the straight cut paddles. If you want to have fun carving dunes and making tighter turns get the v grove paddles like the Sand Skate II.
  12. Check how you have you slide installed compare it to a service manual diagram. The design Yamaha used makes it easy to put the slide plates in backwards or upside down either way you'll get erratic running issues.
  13. We just picked up a 84 250R last night.... your gonna be jealous we only paid $450 for it. It was a lien sale from our local shop. Fresh 20 over top end never ridden on fires first kick. I still can't believe it was only $450
  14. The top picture is 2 110's and a 185, the wheelie is my 185 and bottom picture is a 110 and a 185

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