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2007 Sportsman 6x6 front chain tension

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It wouldn`t be the first time the owners manual was wrong.

Says front chain should be 3/16-1/2".

My previous Polaris 6x6 tension was 3/4-1 1/2".

Anybody know for sure? Like to keep my tranny in one piece. :cute:

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* Moved thread to mechanical section

Welcome to the community. I'm not familiar with those but saw this online for an earlier model:

Loosen the two bolts that tighten up the eccentric on the middle axle with the 5/8 and 11/16 (don't know why the bolt is a different size than the nut...), and then loosen the mounting plate for the brake (two 1/2 bolts). Use the channel locks to grab the eccentric and rotate it till the tension is appropriate (maximum 3/8 - 1/2" slack at any point in the chain) then tighten the 4 bolts back up.

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Broke down and bought shop manual, measurement for both chains 3/8"-1/2".

Problem now, Owners handbook says torque to 60 ft/lbs. Shop Manual says pg. 2.34- 40 ft/lbs., pg.5.10- 30 ft/lbs. without hitch, 40 ft/lbs with hitch, pg. 5.12- 40 ft/lbs., next pg. 5.13 50 ft/lbs.

Dealer doesn't know. Polaris Help Line won't help with "consumer technical questions".

I figure Grade 8 7/16 x 20 bolt will take 80 ft/lbs, maybe I should go with 45-50?

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Polaris finally got back to me.

Owners handbook all the way back to 2003 says 60 ft lb. Polaris to correct to 30 ft lb without hitch, 40 ft lb with hitch.

5.13 50 ft lbs conversion error (54 Newton Metres), Polaris to have manual publisher correct.

Overtorquing eccentric will cause bearing failure.

Glad to help.

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