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2004 Suzuki LTZ400 blowing fuses

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i keep blowing the fuse by my battery, from what i can tell it runs my kill switch. i dont have a manual, YET! when it blows i lose all power to lights, starter,etc...

i already checked the wiring from k/s and everything looks good as far as i can tell, no breaks, nothing corroted. any suggestions would be grately appriciated ,

thanks, oh yeah its an 04- ltz400

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What is the year make and model?

You've got a short somewhere. What are you doing before the fuse blows? Is it immediate when connecting the battery or replacing the fuse?

I would hook up a meter and start pulling fuses and diconnect connections until you find the circuit that returns it back to normal. Then you will have a direction to go.

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I went riding in the dunes w/o any problems, the next day i started it up and road down the road to a trail near my house. I went up a steep dirt hill, road down idling in 3rd, killed it at the bottom then wouldn't start. I don't have a meter but i will get some help. Thanks for the diagram.

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How are you making out with it?

* Changed your title to be more descriptive

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