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Project 3: Compilation of trike footage

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Kewl Vid.....Im thought I posted that here before:confused:


Every Time I look at Race Scenes like that it takes me back....I wish I would have saved everything from all the Races I went to as a kid in So Cal....:yes:

Also all the "Old School " Gear.....

I remember Riding my old 81 200M out at pismo.....Brand New!!! I thought I was the CHIT!!! Then over the top of this dune came a BRAND NEW 81 250R....I remember thinking WTF!!! and riding back to camp and DEMANDING one of those....My Dads Reply was "Get off YOUR Wallet and Get one!" LMAO!!!

Good Times!!!!!

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Great video!!! Thx for sharing.

A lot of the footage took me back to memory lane!!!

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