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  1. I take mine off when I ride because my hands swell and the ring gets tight on the finger. I also take it off when Im doing work around the house so it doesn't get damaged. When my company was moving I was moving a filing cabinet and it got away from me and my hand got caught between the cabinet and the wall. No big deal until I tried to take my ring off. It got slightly crushed and I had trouble getting it off. Welcome to the forum and welcome to ATVing SDgirl. Glad you are enjoying yourself!!!
  2. Very nice!! Enjoy your new ride. Let us know how you like it!
  3. Dirt Demon. That Lazy Trike is freakin awesome!! LOL!! I love it. I don't think I would be caught in public riding it. But, its one of a kind!! Two thumbs up. I did notice its missing a beer holder and remote. Does the leg rest take the place of the foot pegs!? Is it ok if I post that pic on honda350X.com? My fellow Xer's will love that contraption!!!
  4. Well, if Honda would have sold the 500R I know one would be in my stable right now!!!
  5. Thx Guy!!! Its been a labor of love (the 85X). I wish I had a garage on my property because it would be looking so much nicer. Nothing like making it look purty so you can mess it up!! Then, do it all over again!!
  6. Is the Yamaha Rhino destined to go the way of the Honda ATC? Commentary by Jon Crowley, UTV Guide June 1, 2009 I was interviewed last week by a freelance reporter who is writing an article on the Yamaha Rhino and I got to thinking about the future of sport UTVs. Are Yamaha Rhinos, as well as other sport UTVs headed in the direction of the infamous Honda ATC three-wheeler from back in the 1980’s? If you remember way back when in 1982 (it really wasn’t that long ago), Honda introduced the ATC 200 Big Red. The ATC was a great machine, but as popularity exploded, so did the accident rate. Honda ATC Three Wheeler The increase in accident levels lead to an investigation by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). In 1986, CPSC statistics suggested that most accidents were due to improper rider behavior that ignored manufacturer warnings. No inherent flaw was found in the three-wheel design. Honda's owners manual and product warning labels stressed the importance of proper operation to its customers. Through a national industry safety campaign, there was a 33 percent decline in recorded CPSC injury statistics between 1984 and 1988. Nevertheless, in 1988, ATV manufacturers entered into a 10 year agreement with the CPSC. Under the agreement ATV manufacturers made a $100 million commitment to expand safety programs. Additionally, even though three-wheel ATC sales were dropping off, manufacturers agreed to stop distributing ATCs in the U.S. If history is bound to repeat itself, the sport UTV is headed in a similar direction as the ATC three-wheeler. The Yamaha Rhino is currently the biggest target, and Yamaha has worked out an agreement with the CPSC to “repair” existing Rhinos. Yamaha is facing an onslaught of lawsuits from users that for the most part have tipped their vehicles over and have been injured or killed. From what I have seen in reviewing many of the accidents, a lot can be blamed on users not following manufacturer guidelines for proper use. For example, here are the two most recent accidents that happened in May 2009: 13 Year Old Dies in Rhino Rollover Father Dies, 5 Children Injured in Rhino Rollover The accidents are tragic, that is for sure. But if you look past the typical inflammatory reporting that blame the machine, you will find that in both instances, many guidelines were completely ignored that would have either prevented the accident or surely lessened the severity. In the case of the 13 year old boy, he was not wearing a seat belt, he was under 16 years old, the Rhino was new (lack of experience), he was not wearing a helmet and there was no adult supervision. With the father that died in the roll over, the Rhino was carrying one driver and 5 children as passengers in a two person vehicle. No one had seat belts on, and the father was carrying his one year old son on his lap. If I am reading the tea-leaves correctly, I can see that improper use of sport UTVs will soon affect the types of vehicles that manufactures are allowed to build. Will the CPSC step in and limit how powerful side x side vehicles can be? Will helmets become mandatory equipment just like they are in California for ATVs? Will manufacturers be forced to add even more safety equipment? A riding lawn mower with doors, window nets and roll cages that create a safety bubble around occupants isn't too far fatched if you get where I am going here. Even though the vast majority of side x side vehicle owners use their vehicles without incident, all of these lawsuits, the bureaucrats at the CPSC and our efficient lawmakers are going to force manufacturers to limit how much fun we can have in our beloved UTVs. That is the sad truth. There are many more accidents involving bicycles per capita than there are in UTVs. If you apply the same logic to bicycles, manufacturers would have been forced to include a protective bubble around all bikes sold in the U.S. many years ago. But there are a few critical difference between bicycles and UTVs. First off, people have long ago accepted the fact that you may fall off your bicycle. And secondly, there isn't a specific manufacturer (aka cash cow) for a class action lawsuit so the lawfirms aren't interested. Just because you have an accident and then see an advertisement on the TV or on the internet from a lawfirm talking about accidents in a Rhino doesn't mean there is a problem with the vehicle. Here are a few guidelines to remember to help keep you safe in a side x side vehicle: Always wear your seat belt Always wear a helmet Don't drink and drive Keep arms and legs in the vehicle at all times Abrupt maneuvers or aggressive driving can cause rollovers even on flat, open areas Children under 16 should never drive a side x side vehicle Beyond following the guideline provided by vehicle manufacturers, use some common sense and take responsibility for your actions. Be sure to learn the limits of your vehicle and your driving ability.
  7. They were around in the early 80's. The manufacturing company was located in New York. My Dad was a distributor for Pennsylvania. The Supreme model looked the coolest but the Stampede was the fastest and most fun to drive. Unfortunately, they didn't sell very well. I guess the world wasn't ready for UTV's back then. I wish I could get the full brochure loaded on the forum so all of you can read the specs and see one of the last remaining brochures of these early UTV's.
  8. I ride in the NE PA area. I used to ride at the "pay to ride" parks but I missed the days of riding for free (except for gas for towing and the bike plus lunch). The pay to ride parks prices were a bit salty. $35 a day to ride (and sharing the trails with monster 4x4's and huge rock crawlers) or $400 a year!!! The trails were actually built for the 4x4's but the owners found out they could make a lot more money letting ATVs in the park. Huge rocks everywhere. Mudholes that would swallow your bike in an instant. Just over all piss poor riding conditions. I also rode in the Hazelton, Hamburg, Allentown areas but those spots were illegal and my bike is a bit loud to be sneaking around. Then one day on a PA ATVing website I heard of this RAC program. I looked into it and found out the main riding area is an hour away from me!!!! AND...it only costs $100 a year! SA WHEAT!!! Since then Ive never cared to find other riding areas. The hour drive is a bit of a drag because it adds two hours to an already long day of riding. But, its one of the only places to legally ride and the riding is hard to beat!! I never tried our state trails. One trail is about 45min from me but I heard the riding is absolutely terrible (especially for sport bikes). I attended a couple of QuadFest events held at Mountain Ridge ATV Trails. Those were some of the best times of my life!! QuadFest is no more. It was great but it was starting to get too big for its own good. I would like to get back to the Moutain and ride their trails when there's not 5400 people riding around. I was just on their site and the main camping area is now covered with windmills. The vending area is in the middle of the windmills (see pic below)
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    Is that your identical twin sister standing next to you!?
  10. Nice trophy. Was it the obstacle course you won?
  11. GeoD

    What kind of tattoo do you have on your shoulder?
  12. Hi Ajmboy. Unfortunately the pdf file is too large to post on this forum. I will try to load the pdf's of the Shrunkettes on another site that doesn't require a login. Below are some screenshots I took from the pdf brochure (hopefully they load): .

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