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  1. try a brand new spark plug, if that does not help, you may be looking at a coil or CDI box. You'll need a service manual to go any further.
  2. Usually a relay clicking indicates insufficient voltage to the starter. Is it the original battery? if so, it's time to buy a new one. The starter uses more battery than anything else- the lights could work fine but the battery may not have the guts to roll the engine. try jumping it from a 12 volt battery- if it starts, it's the battery. It could be a starter, but more likely it's a battery. They usually last 4-5 years.
  3. oil the chain for starters. if that's OK then adjust the clutch. we once had a 400ex in the shop and the chain was so tight and dry that we had to pick it up with a forklift to move it! chains tighten up as they dry out. should be lubed every time you ride it.
  4. that's a 12 volt unit. Count the caps on any battery- each cap = 2 volts. 6 caps= 12 volts. Sounds like battery may need replacing. jump it with 12 volts first and see if it comes back up to 12-15 volts running.
  5. ATC90-110 series definitely. they are EVERYWHERE I have seen so many running WITHOUT oil I stopped counting years ago. they do run better WITH oil of course, but I have seen these beaten SO badly it is enuf to make one weep. In fact I have a parts bike in the garage! a US90 no less. Somebody welded a whole new front end on it, there were NO parts inside the brake drum which explains why the brakes didnt work and the chain was so dry it took 2 people to push it. NO OIL in it of course but it started right up! I think I'll try and resurrect it! with fresh oil it has compression!
  6. it's just a wick to keep the cam lubricated....they don't last forever...I don't think I've seen an oldie with one still on it.
  7. WOW memories of the LA Coliseum races and dunes, that was fun thanks!
  8. I CAN'T BREATHE! hahahahaha:wacko: most folks as you know refer to any 3 wheeler as an ATC. it's the generic of course. how did this start? did you come over from Craig's List R&R?
  9. Sounds like you are lucky to be breathing! Take your time and heal up so you don't feel it every morning.
  10. that can be a tough one as virtually all parts are gone for that... Occasionally I see stuff on ebay, that's where I get my Honda 3 wheeler parts. Sometimes you'll run across a parts bike on Craig's List - may as well buy the whole thing if you can. Keep your eyes open cuz they are around, sitting behind barns etc. good luck

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