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New to the form...I rebuild...

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Ive been rebuilding Polaris 350 / 400 2 srtoke motors as a hobby for over 10 years.

Look up Polaris 400 rebuild kit in Ebay let me know If I can Help.

Ebay name is (dontscamme!!!!)

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Welcome to QUADCRAZY! We could definately use your expertise!

Is that Ebay name correct? dontscamme? LOL...funny. Doesn't look like you sold anything or have anything for sale there...

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Welcome to QuadCrazy. I am trying to get my wife either a Scrambler 400 or a Trailblazer. I will let you know if I get a 400 that needs to be rebuilt.

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You have to put in the !!!!...dontscamme!!!!

look up polaris 400 rebuild kit or this auction # 320449086843

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If you where closer I have a 97 scrambler in new condition...COMPLETE freash rebuilt motor and a brand spakin new transmission I should be finnished in a couple of days!!

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    • By FlyingJBIRD
      I've bought a used 2007 Polaris Phoenix 200... it's in pretty good shape... but after it starts, warms up, a few minutes of my son riding around yard it will die... it refuses to start back until the next day, then same thing again... I've seen this is a problem but haven't found any real answers... my son is driving me crazy to get him back riding... any help is greatly appreciated...
    • By fish4ever06
      My daughter 06 Pheonix ll onl run forabout 10 minutes befoe it sarts sputtering and finally dies, have cleaned the carb and jets 3 times and added an inline fuel filter as well as new gas. Any other ideas would be appreciated?
    • By Ashton Crawford
      Hello everyone, i have 2000 Polaris Trail Blazer 300 I’ve been stumped on for weeks. I’m having a lot of issues starting the quad. I cleaned the carb spotless because I thought it was a carb issue and bought a new fuel line because it wasn’t getting fuel. The carb gets fuel perfectly fine now but it won’t start. The spark plug I a little worn out but it’s good enough for just one start. The only time it does “start” is when I spray starter fluid into the carb. But it never stays on. It’ll start for a bout a second then just die out immediately even if you’re giving it some throttle and the choke is on. I have no clue what I should do. If you need more information, have questions, or have any slight idea what the issue would be and how I could resolve it. Please reply ASAP. Thank you.
    • By Steven Alter
      I have a 2018 450 and the digital gause has started flashing on an off while driving. The backlit also goes on and off. It is worse when I hit the gas. The battery died a few weeks ago and I jumped it but its been fine until last night. Called the dealer and showed them a vid and they recommend replacing the gauge and its like 600 bucks. The machine has less than 100 hours on it. I would really hate to have to change it out. also the unit sometimes has trouble starting. Any ideas?
    • By Steven E
      Anyone else with a 2017 sportsman with EPS, experiencing hard lock up with the CVT clutches.
      As compared to my friends 2006 Polaris 500 HO they seem to be a lot smoother engagement.
      Any ideas or is this normal for this model.   
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    • By Bwdeaton
      I recently picked up a king quad 700 that doesn't run in the hopes of getting it running by spring. It had been previously taken apart some and a few pieces are missing in the engine, but the frame is complete and in good condition. The motor will need a piston, rings, cylinder, cams, and a few misc parts that are missing. Also the cases will need to be split to remove the pieces of piston that are in the crankcase. The piston blew up at high rpm and did a number on the cylinder so I'm trying to find out if it would be worth rebuilding this motor it buying another engine to swap in. There may be more damage to this engine that I can see so I was wondering how bad the insides of it could be considering it destroyed the piston. I have found a motor for 1200 plus 200 shipping, the only problem is I don't have that much now and I would have to save up a while before being able to afford it. Any suggestions appreciated.
    • By RCNY1
      Looking for someone reasonable ,HONEST and experienced to rebuild a 2002 Yamaha big bear 400 2 wd
    • By Vinsonary
      Ok everyone, I've been rebuilding the top end of my vinson 500 and here is my problem. After replacing all the gaskets and getting my timing set I was all set to place the head on when I realized I had left one of the two small sleeves that position the cylinder head on the base. To go back and put it in would require another complete tear down. This is one of those round cylindrical tubes that the jug sits on. All bolts are in along with Indian head gasket shellac on both sides of the gasket, my question is what might it hurt if I don't put it back in? Honestly I can't see where it will matter and setting the timing on this machine is a real bitch. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
      Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
    • By gyminis
      I have a 1996 suzuki king quad lt-f4wdx 280cc and am considering haveing it rebuilt as a seal is bad and cannot be replaced w/o tearing the motor apart! I need to know the average price range to do this!
    • By BoogWar
      Hey folks,
      Im a newbie in them har parts. I gave a friend a junker side by side fridge and he gave me an old junker 89 Yamaha Moto 4. Wasn't a swap, it just worked out that way. I love to tinker, and it has low range and reverse so I thot would make a tractor out of it. I farm; too old to jump and stuff! But it don't run (motors not seized though) So like some people who curl up with a good book thought I would curl up with a good tinker LOL. I am Mario James, hailing from a little rock south of the Florida panhandle called JAMAICA.
      I've looked at the stickies and I don't see an manual for my quad. I don't know if any one on this forum might point me in the direction of a service manual for a 1989 Yamaha Moto4 250 cc ATV? Because I intend to farm with it, I wonder if a simple head - sleeve piston change might bump up the displacement to 300cc, or even 350? (YFM motor) Also could anybody tell me if anyone has done a brake conversion to hydraulics at both ends...instead of the cable? (cables don't last long in every day dirt an mud). Also wanna put the clutch under my left hand where it belongs, and do away with the centrifugal setup. Thanks and cheers to everyone!
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