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  2. Sounds like a rocker adjustment might get the rest out.. Something else to check is the one way valve maybe worn. Follow the oil lines down to the bottom end and you will see a 12mm bolt next to the oil lines going into the bottom end pull it out and remove the spring and plunger see if the rubber end is worn its a 15 dollar part that will cause you allot of problems when it fails.Its what holds the oil on the top end when the motor is not running when it fails it allows the oil to drain from the top end causing dry start which will ware a cam out quick. Good luck Polarisatvrepair.com
  3. Its the needle and seat in the carb not shutting the gas off and putting gas in the bottom end of the motor. There is a 10 mm bolt on the bottom of the motor to drain the bottom end pull it out and see if gas comes out if it dose ..needle and seat. I have had to RE-rebuild several carbs my customers have worked on so rebuilt is not always rebuilt right. You need to buy a rebuild kit ebay is a good source for around 35.00. Good luck, Todd Polarisatvrepair.com
  4. You may want to check the air pressure in the rear tires to make sure they are the same. If one has allot more air then the other it will pull hard to one side when you give r the gas. had a guy drive an hour to have me fix his quad and thats all it was! good luck Todd Polarisatvrepair.com
  5. ebay has carb kits for around 35.00 give or take. I have to swap out cams on the 425 and 500 often but that wouldnt make it hot but somthing else to check. If you pull the valve cover and spark plug kick the motor over and the rockers should be raising the same height the front rocker is the exhaust and thats the one that goes and obvious when its worn out. Good luck Todd Polarisatvrepair.com
  6. If you took it all apart with out a problem the just swap out the bearing thats usually what fails. Ive had pretty good luck swapping the bearing its just not easy to get apart..But if youve done it once..Get r done! Todd Polarisatvrepair.com
  7. You have to pull the clutch to get to 2 10mm bolts and most of the time if the starter has been replaced they don't put them back in so if you pull the pull starter and remove the 2 bolts each side the Bendix and also the skid plate the starter MIGHT come out if its missing the 2 10 mm bolts on the back side of the starter. You can get the 2 bolts out without removing the clutches it just take a while cuz you can only turn it 1/4 turn but really tough to put back in with the clutches on...and the reason why they are missing most of the time..I don't mind helping over the phone if you need it..Todd POLARISATVREPAIR.COM
  8. Youll have to go threw the carb mostlikley need a new needle and seat ive had fair luck with rebuild kits on ebay. Id rebuild the carb and stick in a plug and try to fire it up once its running then id go threw the maintenance. Good luck, Todd Polarisatvrepair.com
  9. Idle jet would be my guess... I use one strain of a piece of piano wire to clean them out. Good luck , Todd PolarisATVrepair.com
  10. Its all a guess till you crack it open...Dog gear or silent chain would be my guess. if it grinds most likley the chain if your hear nothing broken dog gear..still just a guess. Good luck PolarisATVrepair.com
  11. longer studs and washers would have served the same purpose....Thats what I did.
  12. My money is on the silent chain inside the transmission its the most common thing to go out but ive seen bent shift forkes before. If you crack it open Id replace the chain as well its less than 60.00 better to be safe than have to pull and do it all over again.. Good luck Polarisatvrepair.com
  13. If you shoot power to the grey wires on the panel it will engage the 4x4 bypassing the switch. easy way to check it out. id give the switch a wd40 bath sometimes that works. If power to the wires doesn't work the hubs may be grimed up and need to be pulled apart and cleaned but seldom do I get both to fail at the same time usually its only when its in 3 wheel drive! Good luck Todd Polarisatvrepair.com
  14. sounds like the starter.. You can shoot power straight to the starter and it should kick over if it doesn't its the starter. I have been able to pull and clean the brushes on most 4 strokes and get them working again. DO NOT BUY THE 50.00 EBAY AFTERMARKET ONE'S THEY ARE JUNK at most id buy the rebuild kit for 35.00 and rebuild the oem.. Polarisatvrepair.com good luck, Todd
  15. 500 are bad about warin out the exhaust lobe on the cam..... It will idle and run up to 20 25 mph then bogs out and backfires....new cam needed! pull the valve cover and spark plug kick the motor over the rockers should raise the same height if the front is less than the back its the exhaust cam. it will be obvious. good luck Todd Polarisatvrepair.com

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