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Washers as wheel spacers?


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Has anyone ever used washer's as wheel spacers?

I have noticed that on my SP500 the new mudlite tires I put on are slightly rubbing the front strut. There is a little tab on the strut tower that holds the bottom of the spring and I noticed that the tab was all shinny. Now I think it only happens when the tire is flexing over large bumps because the tires don't rub when the bike is sitting on a flat surface.

It looks like I only need 1/8 to 1/4 to solve my problem. So I was going to try to put one washer on each stud. Now does anyone see any problems with doing this?

P.S. I have stoch steel rims not aluminum.


Dont mind the spring spacers, Ive changed them a bit. I made them smaller and added a spring support.


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Ok so here's an update on what I'm doing...

I ordered longer studs from Polaris (STUD-3/8-24X1.38,PRESS FIT-Z #7518378) and instead of using washers I'm going to see if my brother who works at a tool shop can make a spacer ring that is only 1/4" thick.

Don't laugh, I'm not an artist or a CAD programmer but this is the pic that I sent him.


I think this should work!


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Stainless would be better anyway cuz it won't crush down like aluminum will.

Sounds like you have it figured out good job! My only concern was the length of the studs but you have solved that... Your bro and you may have started a new business there!!! You should advertise custom made wheel spacers and make some $$$$ on them!! :yes:

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