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  1. Looks really good! How is it attached to the bumper or is it just hanging from the hitch mount?
  2. Brake lights have a quick disconnect to take the box off and leave the wiring behind. Got that wired in today. Very nice. No integrated cooler but its got enough space to stash 4 soft sided coolers in here with no problems. That's way more than enough for a day of riding. So far I have 2.5 gallons of fuel, compressor, rain gear, 2 coolers, blanket, bottle jack, collapsible tire iron, batteries, and a 12 volt charger wired to charge my camera, or phone while I'm riding and still have more space. I'm going to have to stuff another blanket in there to stop stuff from moving around while I'm riding.
  3. Love it so far. Got all my stuff in there and I still have room!
  4. Got this Lock and Ride box from THEATVSUPERSTORE. Its awesome, easy to install, and solves the problem of lack of storage on my touring when riding with a passenger. Worth every penny, can't wait to go riding with this bad boy! Even my son loves it already! Just waiting on my GURU Bumpers to be fabricated and my ride will be ready for the 2012 riding season!
  5. I know someone who uses the chatterbox. It works well up to about 1/2 mile on wooded trails. Open trails you can get up to mile away. I have a Cardo Scala G4 set, and it works great. Has a little bit less bulk than the chatterbox and it lasts all day on a single charge.
  6. Just went riding up there this past week. Saint Clair to Centralia.
  7. Pretty open ended question. There's a lot of choices out there you have to narrow down what you like. There's good and bad with all models, so you have to decide what's important to you. Solid choices to start looking at are: Yamaha Grizzly Polaris Sportsman 500/550 Suzuki King Quad Honda Rancher AT Good luck!
  8. That's right $125 and you can ride over 10,000 acres of old coal mining land. It's insane. You can ride from Trevorton all the way to Centralia and come back a totally different way. It's some good riding and some challenging terrain. Some spots are just darn scary but it's all fun. I was out there every other weekend last year. Haven't made it up much this year due to the new baby coming in April but plan on getting back on the stick in Late August.
  9. I'm in York as well an go riding at Trevorton and Saint Clair all the time. Did over 1000 miles last year and trying to do the same this year as well. Some good riding up there!!!
  10. I have successfully done a sidewalk repair before but it was the size of a ballpoint pen. It's still holding up after 300 miles.
  11. I have had success with Rocky Mountian, Remember Delaware, and RevZilla. Great sites, good prices and free shipping on orders over 49 bucks.
  12. Yeah I run 87 or 89 as mid grade is cheaper at some stations due to the ethanol content.
  13. No problem! I had to fix my line this week so I thought others might want to know how to do this.
  14. There are tons of advantages to switching to synthetic winch lines on your ATVs. Lighter weight, safer pulls, and best of all, instant repairs if you have a failure of your line while doing a pull. If you are caught with a broken line during a pull you can splice it back together in no time and be winching in 15 minutes or less and heres how. All you need is a few simple tools and a couple sets of instructions in your toolkit. Tools: Sharp Scissors, or Blade Electrical Tape Sharpie Marker Tubular Rope Fid about 1/2 the diameter of your rope line and at least 4-6 inches long Formal Instructions: Eye Splice End Splice First you need to measure out the length of your repair. I like to use 2 times the length of the tool that you are using to tread your taper tail down the center of the rope. Make a mark at one length, and a second mark at the second length. The second mark will be where you stick the tail thru your line at. Now just past the 1st mark you made mark 3 pairs of rope to cut to make your tapered tail. Pull those threads out of the line and cut them off. Your tail should now look like this The end of your rope should now have only six strands, instead of twelve. Take the end of your rope with 6 strands, and slip your fid thru the center of the rope and tape it to your fid. Thread your taped fid thru your hook and back into the center of the rope, at your 2nd mark. You now have a very large loop in the end of your rope. Push the end of the rope up through the middle of the rope. You'll need to kind of "bunch up" the rope to loosen it up enough to push the other rope through the middle. As you bury more and more or the end of the rope, the loop will get smaller and smaller. Eventually you will have the loop very tight around the hook. Pull the end of the rope out so you can pull it nice and tight around the hook. Remove whatever object you taped to the end of the rope to guide it through, and pull the rope tight to re-bury the end. You may have to cut a little off the very end of the rope to get it all to re-bury itself. You have a completed eye splice. After getting it tight around your hook, pull down and away from the hook on the outer wrap to lock the splice in place. The end splice is exactly the same except that you now have to create two tapered tails and bury each tail into the two sections of winch line to create the splice. Just in case you break your line in the middle of a pull. With a little patience you can repair any line in minutes.
  15. Well I have made about 3 repairs to my winchline over the past year and over the weekend I spooled it out and found, that I only have about 25 feet left on a 50" winch cable. I am going to buy a new line, and wanted to see what diameter winch line people are using out there. I'm considering using 1/4" synthetic over the standard 3/16" Its only ten bucks more and gives you more pull strength. You think the extra 1/16" per wrap will fit on a standard winch spool?
  16. Crazy cool man. That's a sweet modification
  17. Well after riding her for over a year, I finally got tired of my stealth black quad sticking out like a sore thumb on the front with that ugly gray panel. After a couple of hours of sanding to cut that gray off, and a nice primer coat. I sprayed it with a 10% gloss flat black front and back to match the quad plastics. After I wash the rest of the quad it should be a good match. Let me know what you think.
  18. Well the 2010 XP's have a modified rear end setup. I don't know what the driving force was for the change but its obvious that , the sway bar is now is flipped to the rear of the quad and its about 3 inches longer and provides about 1 more inch of wheel clearance for the tires. One thing it didn't like is now instead of 2 upper control arms for the rear wheels there only one now. They took the tubular steel and made it a huge square block that travels on the front side of the quad and links into both the front and rear bolt holes where the old rear link used to be. I know tubular steel is stronger than box steel and this seems like a quick hacked together part that might be weaker than the original setup. I don't know if this improves handling, but one positive of the whole thing is some guys are happy about the change since now they don't have to run offsets to get the tire clearance needed for those big tires.

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