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01 bombardier ds 650 oil change question

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Whats goin on guys I just recently got a 01 bombardier ds 650. First bombardier I've had. I just have a question about the oil. I know it has a dry sump system and you have to drain the oil can then the oil from the motor. after everything is drained and new oil filter is in, how much oil goes in the can and how much goes in the motor itself? I know the entire thing takes about 3.17 qts of oil. Also in the service manual it says not to run synthetic oil but I have used synthetic in my kfx450r that i had before. Have any of you guys used synthetic in your ds's? Let me know ASAP because my bike needs an oil change.


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I don't know about the filling it but I was reading you have to bleed the air out of the oil line. It says most people back the plug out until air can pass through it (not completely out) and turn the motor over until a steady stream pours out. Tighten it back and install the filter and do a final oil level check.

I did find this on another site:

In regards to chainging the oil it is more involved than just draining the oil tank under the headlight. Here are the steps you will want to take.

1) Find the hose that runs from the oil tank to the motor. Its on the left side as you sit on the quad. Have an oil pan handy and a big roll of paper towels (your going to need themhttp://forums.atvconnection.com/images/smilies/smile.gif) Loosen the hose at the motor and quickly place it over an oil pan and let drain. This will drain the oil tank.

2) The same hose you removed at the motor you want to remove underneath the oil tank. THere is a mesh oil screen in there that should be checked from time to time. Since you have no way of knowing whether the prior owner cleaned the screen I highly recommend checking it.

2) Remove the oil plug underneath the motor. Let drain into oil pan.

3) Remove oil filter. THis is where you are going to need a lot of paper towels.

4) Your almost there... Put in a new oil filter, replace the drain plug on the bottom and tighten the oil line between the tank and the motor back up.

5) Place ~3qt of oil into oil tank and start her up and let it run for a few minutes. Make sure the red light on the dash goes out within a few seconds of startup or else shut it down. Let sit and check oil level. My DS took about 3.3qt everytime I changed the oil. Use a good 10-40wt conventional or "motorcycle" synthetic that is safe for wet clutches. If you use an automotive synethic you clutch will end up slipping.

I think if you prime/bleed the air like it says after do do the change you should be fine.

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hey i own the same bike as you and actually its the same color. I only changed the oil in my bike twice, and I never used synthetic oil. I only used the regular pennzoil 10w-40 motor oil, even though the racing type is recommended. my bike runs great so if i were u, dont use the synthetic oil.

kind regards,


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