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I know it's all ATV's here, but here's our first video showing some of our guys getting ready for their 2,000 mile round trip ride to LA Supercross and back. It will definitely be a tough, but fun ride. If it goes well hopefully we'll keep making these videos for people to check out riding areas, and trails. It will be cool to test out some products and give reviews from the trail too!

Check it out and let me know what you guys think,

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTvGpr97n6Q]Far from L.A. Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Ride[/ame]

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Thanks guys. The ride started out a little rough, one of our bikes batteries died about an hour after leaving. We got it taken care of and we're back on our way though. We'll be putting our video and pic updates on here but if you want to see more updates you can check out our

twitter - Rocky Mountain ATVMC (RMatvmc) on Twitter

or our

Facebook - facebook/pages/rockymountainatvmc

Feel free to ask any questions too.

Thanks guys!

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New updates guys, there was a lot exciting moments yesterday that's for sure!


Day two dawned and we were ready to take off to find another battery issue. One of the KLR's was having fits. We attemped a bump start, but in 40 degree weather, it wasn't happening. After a couple other short cuts, we gave in and tore it apart. I guess the heated gear took more of a toll than we thought.

We were able to get on dirt outside of town. This combined with warmer temps had us in a much better mood. Most of us on this ride cut our teeth on dirt bikes and migrated to dual sport/adventure riding. Adam, on the other hand, came from the other side of the tracks. Needless to say, he is increasing his skill set!

Our prototype panniers are holding up, but our mount system needed some work. A very rough pole line trail wreaked havoc. I finally reached the limits of my patience and tossed the quick release stuff and had them bolted on permanent. It is nice having our engineer on the ride. He makes me feel like I'm a factory rider!

We made our way through Goldfield, NV. Outside of town is a junk collectors mecca. Someone has modge-podged several cars with stuff I can't even describe; poker chips, shells, sand, Santa Claus statues, etc. They have even woven a giraff out of shredded pop cans. Good stuff.

Get more updates, just click here - Rocky Mountain ATVMC | Facebook

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Sunday 1/23/10 – Today we decided to head south to see the Salton sea. The morning started out with no problems and we expected (hoped for) a smooth sailing day. We made it to the Salton sea. It is huge! It was pretty windy and stinky!! We looked around the visitor center. I guess it was quite popular back in the 50’s and 60’s. They are working to clean it up and revive it now. The beach is loaded with dead fish (which explains the smell). Infact, the sand looks like it is made from fish bones and scales.



There's a lot more updates on our fb page, here's a link for everyone - Rocky Mountain ATVMC | Facebook

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