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Heres some pictures of my TRX450R after i got it all back together today, still need a grab bar though. I was just riding it around a while ago and WOW being 50" wide made a huge difference, definitely worth the money. And the new tires are SO much better then the stock ones, i feel like i actually have control over the quad haha.

Also you can see me and my brothers moto-4 225 in the pics, we have beat the #$&! out of this thing and it just keeps on chugging! gotta love detuned utility atvs lol, plus we got it for free and it just needed 1 piece welded and a seat cover, which we made out of a old golfcart seat :laugh:









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Looks good, how do the stock shocks feel with the longer a-arms? If you are light, I imagine they will work good, but if you are a bigger person, the shocks may feel a bit soft and get over worked. I know when I put extended a-arms on my 500R, the stock shocks were way too soft, the front end would just dive everytime I hit a bump. I had to replace the shocks, but I was about 220lbs at the time and stock 250R shocks are not that good to begin with, and they were also quite old. The 450R has much better shocks on it.

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Nice quad Tagels Whats left to do ? A bunch of us are headed to the CORE on sun to meet Stoopidbot ! and get schooled by him :laugh: See if you and your Dad can come out :yes:

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Thanks guys! Next im planning on a new linkage and then i need to get my shocks re built. @DirtDemon i only weigh about 170lbs so the stock shocks are fine for now, i just had to bump up the pre load a bit but i can still go much farther if i need too.

Im going to see if we can make it to CORE, dont know yet though

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Sounds pretty cool, but it looks like this place is about 2 hours from where i live so i probably wont be able to make it this sunday. Maybe some other time though

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