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My Raptor


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Nothing special, but it is a work in progress. I'm new to the forum, but I am very active on other forums. It has Tusk Nerf Bars, IMS Pegs, Tusk Billet Gas Cap, Aluminum Stem Caps, One Ind. Bar Pad, TinyTach Tachometer/Hour Meter, Rock Bumper, Rock E-Brake Block Off, RuKind Headlight Covers, Scott Handle Bar Grips and Tusk Handguards. I have +3" a-arms and braided lines coming. Thanks, Rappy97




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I just looked at your pics. Very nice bike! I like the look of the Honda fenders, esp. when they are race cut! I have had 2 Yamaha's and I beat the crap out of one, and it runs great lol. I have to push start it, and it has on flat tire, but it is super fun, since it is an 80.

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Thanks! I also like the Honda fenders, they look a lot different then any of the other ones. I have a Yamaha Moto-4 225 i think its a 1986 or something? But anyways it just keeps on chugging no matter what, it makes a horrid valve ticking noise and has a bent frame but nether of those seem to matter at all. Its tons of fun!

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Thank You Very Much Tagels!

Next is +4" swinger, 446 stroker, Renthal bars, GForce axle & hubs, Burgard +1 stem, stock 2010 700R SE stock tires & wheels, Elka, Fox, or Works shocks, race cut fenders, 15hp shot of N2o, HC2, K&N Clamp-On, Porting & Polishing, Oil Cooler, DP Clutch Kit, ASV levers, Trail Tech Vapor... and so on...

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