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2006 Arctic Cat 400 transmission shudder

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2006 400 4x4 manual trans. Hello all, new to the forum and already have a question. My bike will shudder for just a second when shifted into 2nd gear, stops when rpm's come up the shudder is most prevalent when going uphill. Anybody else ever had this problem?

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Does it feel like it is slipping at all? Does that thing have a high and low range? If so, does it do the same thing in high and low? Could be a clutch problem, could be a problem with the gears themselves, could be a bent shift fork or shift cam or any part of the gear switching mechanism. You may find that the problem gets better by changing the oil. I would do that first and when you drain it, check for any metal chunks or flakes in the oil. When you fill it back up, use good oil, we have an AC guy here who is pretty knowledgeable, I'm sure he will chime in with some more helpful stuff. Good luck.

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Guest S-Hardy

Yeah it sounds like you my have some clutch problems changing the oil might help out you might want to check on using maybe a little thicker oil I would call and ask the dealer. It been a older mod like that it might need something a little thicker because the clutches have some wear on them .

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thanks for the replies, I too was wandering about the clutches, the bike has about 126 hrs and a little more 900 miles, I left the bike with the local dealership for the last two weeks and came away from that experience totally unsatisfied. I talked to a local indepedent tech on 6/10 that told me more in 5 minutes than the dealership did in two weeks. I delivered the bike to his shop on 6/11 and they thought they would have an opinon by 6/13. So, thanks again for responding, I'm taking the bike into northern New Mexico in september and don't want it to break down on the back side of Greenie Peak

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hello all, I want to throw out a thank you to DirtDemon and S-Hardy, appreciate ya'lls replies, got the cat out of the hospital today and went for a short ride this afternoon it sure felt a lot better. The tech adjusted the clutch pkg, he said it wasn't really ready for a new clutch yet, I was pleasantly surprised at that, I was sure I was going to hear that I needed a new clutch

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      Ride safe,
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