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Some Forestry Work..

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I went upstate yesterday to do some tree work with some friends. This wa at a summer camp we all belong to. My buddy had his king quad and I had my grizzly. One tree we tried to take down, just would not come down. We guided it with the winches from both quads, while pullin it because it was wedged up top. Also attached some other quick pics.

Guiding A Tree Down With Two ATV Winches Video » QUADCRAZY ATV Community













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It's up around Northville/Broadalbin NY area. It's on the north side of Great Sacandaga lake. It's like private boyscouts and the sumer camp runs for the month of July. There are trails to put around and they go out into a trail system in the woods. I think the camp owns like 100 acres or something.

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thats kool you help take care of the area ... the trails and riding areas i ride in every week dont get much work like that unless i go out and do it .. i take my 10 yr old son and he helps me ... when ever the local river floods alot of the riding area floods also and all kinds of trash and debries come in with the flood waters and i have to remove trees trash and all kinds of stuff so that we can ride again once the water go's down its an on going battle with the trash and tires and im only 1 person and it takes weeks to do it ... keep up the good work an see ya on here ..

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