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I was checking out helmets today and I was talking to the salesman today. He stated that DOT helmets are better quality than Snell rated because Snell is a private company. He could of been no more than 25 yo. He also couldnt answer my tech questions about helmets. But was trying to sell me helmets with "BITCHIN BRO" graphics on em.

Doing my own research confused me even more

What is the real world difference between the two ratings and does it matter on the trails?

is a $400 dollar DOT helmet better than a $150 Snell rated helmet?

What are the brands you guys/gals use and why?

Where is a good place to buy them?

Easiness to return them?

Why are my above sentences getting shorter with each question?

Thanks Everyone

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DOT testing is a joke.As long as the helmet doesn't crack from a 15 foot drop they pass. Look at the tiny peanut shells that the chopper guys wear just so they get by the helmet laws. Snell is a private company with much higher standards. A company has to voluntarily submit their helmet for SNELL testing. Snell test for crush strength in every possible direction. DOT is required by law.

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I was reading an article about how the dot testing is better than snell because the snell tests make manufacturers design hemets that are too rigid. The dot test tells manufaturers to design a more flexible outer shell. In theroy the softer shell absorbs some of the decelration that occurs in a crash. This was the article in a nutshell minus the technical sh**.

I know im looking into this more than i should but i dont want to end up dying because i picked the wrong helmet

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