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Guest Fox300exchic

Those are pretty handy! No matter what you wanna call em. Especially for me since I dont have as much strength as the average male. :radar:

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      Unfortunately it looks like I have some people in my new neighborhood paying a little too much attention to my auto and for the first time I'm feeling a need to add some security system(s) to old yeller.  I think just a basic remote arm system would do, not interested at all in remote start or unlock.  I'm not familiar with modern alarm systems, but here's what I 'think' I need...
      - Door switches for all 5 doors (rear hatch).  Probably a PITA to install but that's only an initial idea.
      - 'Bump' alarm (not sure what it would be called) for if a window breaks or if something is jarred
      - Geo-location function like a low track or something similar
      Additionally I'd like to install possibly 2 start kill switches.  I'm not sure where inline these are normally installed but my impression is that directly in line with the key ignition switch would be common.  But then what if someone jumps the starter with a screwdriver...would this type of switch work in that instance?  So that leads me to the idea of a second ignition kill switch which would either be wired between the battery and starter motor, or between the starter motor and ground.
      And last...security lugs.
      So am I over thinking this here?  What's your recommendation for what I really need and maybe a good but economic alarm system that can get this done?                    
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      Anybody know whatever happened to this?
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