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Pilgrim Psych Center on Long Island

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Anyone have any recent info on the rail transit system proposition slated for Pilgrim Psych Center? The land consists of 700+ acres of "preserve" and the NYSDEP and Park Rangers have been confiscating/impounding and fining ATV riders for years. This is also a result of enviromentalist stating that the area is habitat to native wildlife and plant species. Supposedly illegal ATV use is encroaching on the wildlife and plant life. :aargh:

This is what I have gathered from various websites as most of the NYSDOT NYSDEP land proposals and findings are in Lawyer speak and Im having trouble decifering them.


What I find funny is that there is a huge junkyard made from ilegal dumping on the grounds.


450 acres was sold to a private developer and is still trying to make "Heartland Complex" a residental and office development. Its still in the works as of this year but construction is halted possibly due to financial reasons. How is this preserving wildlife?? :aargh:

Also a proposed rail system that would known as Pilgrim Intermodal Freight Center is in the works. This is an area where train cargo can be loaded onto trucks. NO enviromental impact here!:aargh:

I am sick of rich people/politicians and Long Island being their personal playground. Does LI need a revised way of shipping in cargo, absolutely! Trucking costs into LI are astronomical, but don't hide behind the enviroment! ATV use there does not have a major impact on the enviroment compared to truck/train diesel emissions. ATV riders wont clear acre upon acre of forest area to build a parking lot or an office. This area at this time is unused and revenue can be collected in the form of permits. If noise is a problem then have a db limit. Have a dedicated biking or hiking area. Fine people who litter or dump there. :aargh:

Stop hiding the fact that this development of land is going to make only a few people alot of money when this area can be enjoyed by many. :aargh:

Thank you and goodnight:aargh:

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Well said!!! I've never ridden out there, but am a Long Islander at heart being born out there and having family there. Unfortunately, this kind of crap goes on all over where there is money influencing decisions. Follow the higher taxes and you follow the BS!:skeptic:

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Well long island is. Aside from 3 small mx tracks (riding membership starts at 1000 per year) there is a not for profit "safety course" that gets together a few sundays a year but donation is 500 plus 35 per ride. Plus its a slow ride no fast trail riding. So what to do.... Ride illegally or drive 4 hours to a riding spot. Neighborhood sump pits are good riding areas but illegal. New housing development areas are fun but again illegal. The pine barrens out on the east end is state land and is heavily patroled by RoRz (park Rangers on Raptors). First offense is 500 fine and automatic impound. A release of an impound is 1000. So yeah it boils my blood when I read this chit. And so far I havent been caught but I think im running out of time.

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