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Kawasaki Prairie 650 - Please help!!!!!!!!!

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I have a Kawasaki prairie 650. It has about 500hrs. Anyway I changed the front differential oil and I noticed it was slipping. As I turned around to head home my front end became extremely wobbly. As I slowed down to baby it home I heard a really loud bang. It made it home but barley. Nothing visibility broke so I'm figuring the differential locked up. Can someone please lead me in the right direction. Thanks

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    • By XxHSIXX
      So my prairie 360 4x4 won’t run right out a new carb on and it would drive fast for like 2 mins and after that if you try to give it to much gas it just pops and won’t let it rev high 
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      I have a small oil leak from the valve cover. Doesn't affect the oil level, more of an annoyance as it creates smoke from burning off the exhaust pipe. I can't seem to find a replacement valve cover gasket, so I'm curious if it even has a valve cover gasket. If not, any ideas on why it would leak?
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      I just installed a new battery and I am getting no power at all. tested the ignition switch, fuse behind airbox, and connection terminals and they are all fine. any ideas. there are also 2 connections by the battery that are not plugged in and i dont know what they go to. 
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