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Greetings, Introductions and Invitations from NY

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Howdy ya'll, I am just checking in to introduce myself, and try to track down some New Yorkers.

I have been riding for a good long time now, started when I was around 10, on a Yamaha tri-z, and have been on just about every other color since then. For most of the last 15 years I lived in Georgia, and it is a world of difference compared to NY. For about 5 years I worked at Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point GA. That was the best job in the world, where else can you get paid to ride a quad every day? And the best part was that every weekend, a couple hundred "friends" would come ride with me. If anyone gets a chance, its always a good place to spend a weekend.

Right now I am in Central NY but in the winter time I will return home overseas. I am riding a Can-am 800 Outlander, and we have around 1500 acres to ride on, but I'm hoping to find some other places and people to ride with. Because my quad is a loaner out of Ga, I don't think I can get it registered in NY and since finding new places is pretty difficult, I have been just making my own trails every evening after work.

Between real work, and working on the family farm, I try to cut trail for an hour then ride for an hour every night. I usually return home in the fall, but this year I will be racing in the Baja 1000 again, so I won't be able to go back home to the rest of my family until after the race.

So, pretty much, just looking to get in touch with some fellow NYers to see what the options are around here. Pretty much I prefer riding xc, I spent most of my life on sport quads, but I do like motocross too. Just not many people like having Utility quads hitting their tracks. :laugh:

Glad I found the site, lots of good info, and great folks seems like. Ya'll keep safe, and keep ridin'

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Welcome I ride the Southern Tier all the time even though I am from PA. Check out Tall Pines and Demon Run just off of 17 in NY and Potter County just over the PA Border. There are some cool poker runs coming up in PA and New York Sept and Oct.

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Hey O.B. When I am not in the US, I live with my wife in South China, Guangxi province. Its really nice there, but the only bike I get to ride has pedals. Sure does good to keep me in shape tho. We are hoping that this year is the year her Visa will get approved and she can come here for a while. I told her that she could just swim, and she mentioned something about her foot, and my butt... not sure, maybe I lost something in the translation :laugh:.

Swampcat, thanks for the info, I will check into those places, I was just working down near Apalachin, just off 17. Maybe I will load up one Saturday and hit a few trails down that way.

Everyone else, Thanks for the welcome!

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