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  2. Hey AJM, Happy Easter to you too! I hope you are able to get out and go riding this weekend. It was a great day for riding today, and tomorrow should be pretty good too. At least here in Upstate NY.
  3. Nice to see you here, hope you can get that wiring sorted out and get to riding. How far from the Ft. Drum area are you? I have some work to do up there for the next few months, and I might bring my quad up there if there is some good riding around there.
  4. Yup, thats me, just thought that you might like having another site to check out, and these guys are all friendly and helpful here too.
  5. I agree Ox, I have seen alot of sport quads with "extra" sets of tires for mud, and most of them are ITP's. I had a 650 Prairie with them, and it always did well as an all around tire in the Georgia clay. Tyler, find a set, and tear it up in the mud! Its easy to have a real good time, just don't forget, you aren't on a snorkled-up Utility!
  6. I went out today checking on some trails for downed trees and other things I will need to clean up before spring. I am still working on getting my Drift HD cam set up, so the quality isn't where I would like it to be. My average speed was around 30 but even tho I got up to 40 once or twice, I think the video looks like I was going a lot faster. Maybe that has to do with the frames per second setting. Anyways, I hope ya'll like it, and I am working on getting some other people out riding with me, so I can get some good action shots. Sooner or later I will learn how to make better soundtracks too, so please bear with me, I am not quite up to Wyldes level of video making. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y5XBcwemivo]Upstate NY riding - YouTube[/ame] [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lc41LMkFGc4]Upstate NY riding - YouTube[/ame]
  7. If I had 50 bucks, I would be adding it to my twist throttle fund, or my power steering fund. Most likely, I would put it towards more mounting points for my Drift HD cam, so I can get some good footage when we are riding, prerunning or racing!! Good luck to ya'll, looks like a few of you might need it more than I do!
  8. Well, since no one else is chiming in. Ox, what do you think about the Kymco quads? They have really been coming on, and of the Chinese quads, they are the best I think. I have ridden a friends GNCC quad, and I have to say its pretty a pretty good bike! They are also the ones building some of the 250cc quads for major manufacturers, I am not perfectly sure, but I think the Artic Cat, and Can-am 250's are based off of the Kymco Mongoose.
  9. Nice to know you are doing ok, once you get settled in you should be able to find some nice riding here and there. Its a lot different than up in here yankee land. I lived near Atlanta not so long ago, and I never really ran short of a place to ride. Sometimes its a pretty good drive to get there, but at least you have some choices. Keep us up to date on the move, I have been thinking of getting back down south myself, but family commitments are keeping me in NY for now.
  10. Mario, sorry I missed your post about moving south. How are you liking Alabama? Originally out of Tuscaloosa myself, but its been a long long time since. Have you found any riding nearby? I have been out of the south for a while now, but there should be some riding areas near you. I remember one near Anniston and another near Ft. Payne I believe. I am sure you will find places to ride in Alabama, and don't forget, Georgia and Tennessee are nearby. You ought to be able to get a lot of results on Google, its a lot different from trying to find a legal place ride in NY. Good luck to you, and give us some ride reports when you get a chance!
  11. The best bet would be to contact some of the East coast riding areas. Not promoting one over the other, but Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point Ga, hosts quite a few events throughout the year.
  12. Great topic! I hope we can all be of help to new riders. Some of us grew up on ATV's so we don't really know what its like to be "new" to the industry. We need to be willing to help people enjoy their first times riding, and give them good advice so that we can be ambassadors for our sport. New guys/gals, please ask questions, and give us some details. We all actually LIKE new people, and its always great to find riders nearby to go riding with. The best help I can give is, go ride your friends quads, that way you can decide what you like. If you don't have any friends that ride, think on what you are wanting to do with your quad, work, or play. Then research the different styles available. Always buy a cheap quad for your first quad. You can always trade it in when you are ready to upgrade. There are many bulletproof models out there, and it is an easy way to get into the sport, without going broke. Don't worry about power, there was a time when the 250cc quad was the most powerful on the market. Power just gets you hurt faster when you are inexperienced, it also hurts you when you are experienced too. There is plenty enough power in the 400-600cc range for just about all riders, especially beginners. My list of picks for riders age 18+... UTILITY QUAD, an '0something 350-400 Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, or Kawasaki. Reason- they are all pretty easy to ride, and solidly built. Find a 4x4 you won't regret it. SPORT QUAD, older 400ex. Reason- fun, quick, easy to learn on, and bulletproof. BEST OF BOTH, 500 Polaris Scrambler. Reason, comfortable, easy to learn on, sporty, but also can work like a utility. All these models can be picked up fairly cheap, and with maintenance can give you plenty of fun enjoyable ride time. Every model has lemons, and every rider has favorites, but honestly I think those 3 quads are pretty good for a first quad. I'd like to know what other members think about great starter quads, hopefully we can all be neutral and honest.
  13. If you are new to the sport then.... The sure-nuff best quad is the one you love to ride. Best way to do that is to go out and ride some of your friends quads, and see what fits. Depending on what you want to do, test things out, and buy what you can afford. Really the best thing to do is find a decent, cheap quad, and get some riding time under your belt. Once you get a feel for it, upgrade to something better, or more your style. As a nod to Wylde, the older Polaris Scramblers are pretty stout, and its still a pretty good beginners bike, sporty, automatic, and with maintenance they last pretty good. For a utility quad the older 650-700 Kawi Prairies are a good starter quad, and are also one of my favorites. Sport quads? Get an older Honda 400ex, they can take anything you throw at them. You can usually get any of these pretty cheap, ride them and beat on them, then when you are ready trade in for something you are really want. Everyone wants to run out and get an 450 sport quad, or an 800-1000 utility cause biggest are always best. If you are a "Newbie" DON'T! Take your time, and get into it slowly. Something a little smaller and a little older is ALOT more forgiving. As a bonus, if you make a dumb mistake, you didn't just ruin a really expensive quad that you are making payments on. Just my opinion, YMMV. Can any other experienced guys add anything to my advice? Maybe I am leaving something out?
  14. Nah, it just has the 100% luxury tax applied to the price. 175000 CNY~28,000 USD, so its a $14,000 USD quad, being taxed until its double the American MSRP. Its actually a good way to keep production based inside of China, and to give Chinese manufacturers an advantage over foreign companies trying to import their products into China. Its what the US should be doing, but we aren't.
  15. Quad It sounds like some good riding out there! I wish they would do something like that here, for ATV's, there is a heck of a nice Snowmobile system, but quads not allowed. I just started riding up here, after moving up from Ga, and I sure would rather ride down there. The scenery is nicer here, but way too many problems with making a trail system. Mostly I guess from the few "bad apples", but maybe some of the long time NY guys could chime in, they would know better than me. As for me the nearest OHV park is too far away, so I decided to just build my own. I don't mind rules and regulations, but seems to be way too much of that going on here...

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