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  2. my timberwolf i just bought for 75 as a project i sold it for 200 a week later. i used to have a new 2007 scrambler but nothing but problems so let it go. even when i buy new i seem to get the lemons.my best mudder so far was my 85 250 big red thing just kept going.
  3. nice vid looks like fun i miss doing that
  4. must be nice, but sold that timberwolf
  5. time to rise and shine,,,,,mmmmm the smell of two stroke
  6. i would use the gift card to help with parts on this atv i bought as a project for me and my teenage son to get closer again (little father son time) sometimes work gets in the way of whats truly important.thanks
  7. thanks moderator,for the info. bajarider ,im about 1 1/2 hrs north
  8. ya thanks i found out earlier #0 not lettero, thanks for the manual this thing is a wire nightmare
  9. hi there just wondering if u same person from other forum that refered me to this site thanks
  10. new here. i have a vin # if someone can confirm that its a 2000 since i have no papers, im in desperate need of a wiring schematic. jy44kdwooya128172. i do beleive the second y is meant to be the yr 2000 thanks in advance.
  11. hi there just joined .picked up a i think 2000 timberwolf 4x4 and i will be having a bunch of questions so hoping someone can chime in . looking forward to meeting some new people. i live in massena,ny

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