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1990 Big bear rear brakes

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More observations and questions on this new to me bike.

The rear brakes work OK but its obvious that they are in need of attention.

It appears to me that the brake lever has been slightly bent at somepoint in its life. Another observation is the pedal travel is huge so I use the hand brake instead.

Both cable adjusters are cinched all the way down as far as they can go.

I have yet to pull the wheel and inspect the pads yet.

I suppose my real question is does what I've described suggest need for new pads and cables or should new pads only get my adjusters, etc back into a more "normal" state like whats is shown in the service manual pictures?

Also, I think I might be able to bend the lever back but seriously wondering if it really needs to be corrected. It is definately "off" a bit but not very much.


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i would say yes to new pads for the rear and everything should get better with adjustments. the front brakes on these are useless IMO. i wish they went to disc like the rear. there isn't a conversion kit available as with the hondas. too bad on that ...

i would heat the lever up before i tried to bend it back. you have a 50 50 chance of it coming out good or breaking ...

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FYI...Worked on the brakes this past weekend. found that either dad-in-law (unlikely) or the shop that serviced the bike had the cam holder mounted out of spec.

The raised indicator line was pointing straight down vs directly to the rear. I am not sure that really matters or no because once I put it back to "normal" and reinstalled everything am am back to nearly no additional adjustment as the pads wear.

The pads looked nearly new. Still tons of "meat" on them. I did adjust and the pedal feel better now.

Also found the reverse lockout cable is unconnected and appears frozen....but thats another story.

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