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In the process of purchasing my new ATV. Am very excited to learn from other experienced riders and hear how mechanical problems were solved along the way. Also, interested in what accessories are most beneficial for trail riding. Keep me informed everyone! I hope to meet riders from clubs throughout the US. Safe riding! RZRcook

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I am considering a RZR 800 LE. This is my first ATV, but I have been snowmobiling for many years. Our club goes to Canada every year for one week. We really enjoy the trails, for sure, and hope to experience the ATV trails, as well. Safe ATVing, my friend! RZRcook

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I am considering a RZR 800 LE. Then, I hope we can experience some fine trail riding Ti enhance our interest this sport. We already have snowmobiled for many years. So trying the ATVing might become a little challenge at first? They say you are never too old to learn..Safe ATVing, my friend! RZRcook

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      I'm having a problem getting a CDI unit that works. The parts list calls for a  4XE-85540-00-00 CDI unit. The one currently on the ATV works but there seems to be a problem with the spark advance curve. It will idle fine an rev. to about 1.5K then  starts bogging down sputtering, popping and basically running poorly. If you can get it above 2200 RPM it runs better. I have ordered and returned about 5 replacement modules that will not work at all. The unit currently on the bike has no part numbers or identification other than a Mitisibuchi logo. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced similar problems with replacement CDI's and if so what is the fix? So far I have not found a replacement CDI that will supply an pulse to the Ignition coil.
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      Some of the time, I'd restart (not always easy to do, but that's a different thread and solution), but when I did get it going, they'd be gone and it'd drive fine. Totally intermittent. 
      Here's the solution I had to all of them, as this machine shouldn't be having so many issues even though it has 800 hard miles of either plowing or cutting trails in Northern MN:
      1. Stock Battery is tiny and crap. I swapped it out for a slightly larger AGM in the stock location (easy to swap if you crank the wheels out of the way and remove the coolant overflow. I did have to bend the stock battery retainer a bit for the new battery to fit, but that was 10 seconds with a vise and hammer. 
      2. I pulled the entire front cover/cowling off to get a clear picture of things, but you could do what I ended up doing with just the wire terminal cover off. The terminal block by the fuse holder has the main power coming in from the battery, and going out to the winch, the starter, etc. I think the most effective thing I did was to remove all of those wires, brush them with a stainless steel brush to remove oxidation, dirt, and corrosion, and then reinstalled those wires good and tight.
      Everything has been working better than it has it years since I did that. It seems the weak battery AND some voltage drop through bad connections wasn't supplying the juice needed for all systems and I kept getting codes and limp mode kicking in. 
      I hope for you that a new battery for ~$45 off Amazon (way cheaper than my local stores) and maybe 90 minutes of just installing that and then cleaning the main connections up will solve those odd issues. 
      I will say I checked all of the harness connections on the throttle, checked the throttle itself by removing it, adjust the idle up and down, and put a new air filter, and even tried the zip tie trick in the throttle switch to try to solve this along the journey, but none of those made a lick of difference. It was all the electrical connections. 
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