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2005 Suzuki LTZ-250 - Snorkel?

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I am thinking about snorkeling my ltz-250. I was wondering if anybody has ever snorkeled a ltz? I took some pictures of how I want to run it. I just dont know what size I should use. It is going to be a homemade snorkel made from "pvc pipe". This first picture is where I want the snorkel to come out of the air box. Then is will run from the to where the second picture is. Then "through/under" the front fender. And Finally up by the front. Thanks for any advice.

Thanks, LTZRider









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i've never seen any pics of an ltz done up, nor i have i seen any 'kits' available online ...

usually they use 1 1/2" to 2" pipe. the airbox and all the pipe has to be water tight, alot of work

and big gamble, IMO. jetting has to be re worked also. i know it would be cool to be different tho ...

if i was to play in the water with a sport bike, i'd be putting paddle tires on the rear and trying to

stay above the water rather than in it ... but that's just me.

there are alot of tutorials on youtube for snorkels projects if you want to better understand ...

Edited by oxidized_black

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Thank you for the information! I am still considering it. There honestly is only a few mud holes deep enough for a snorkel around here, but I would be the baddest four wheeler in the neighborhood! lol I wanna do it! just about money right now!

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Just found a video of a snorkeled ltz similar if not exact to the way I want mine! It is the only one i have ever seen like this. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWrrr93viU0]testing two atv snorkles suzuki 250s - YouTube[/ame]

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